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3 Tips for Mid-Life Hormone Balance!

As your reproductive years are starting to wind down, your hormones move into transition mode. And that means hormones out of balance. It’s natural and it’s inevitable, and the severity of your symptoms depends on your overall health and your knowledge of what is going on in your body and so you can do something about it. Let’s take a look at hormo...Read More

Prostate Removal. Real Life – and a Bit of Humor!

In the summer of 2016, Mathews learned that his PSA (an enzyme produced by the prostate) was dangerously high. The best course of action, the family concluded, was a radical prostatectomy to remove the organ as well as surrounding lymph nodes. This was done in the (very) early morning hours of Nov. 1 at a hospital in Carmel. The 67-year-old Mathews...Read More

Exercise Can Alleviate Depression

The CDC reports that more than 1 in 9 Americans over age 12 take an antidepressant – and 60% will be on it for 2 years or more. Yet, several studies have shown that moderate exercise can be as effectiveas taking an antidepressant for mild to moderate depression. You don’t have to be a fitness guru – just walking for 35 minutes, 6 days each week low...Read More

10 Ways to Get Healthier and Spread It Around Like A Virus

  I am not talking about trips to the gym, nor fitness classes, not even an incredible diet. Are you wondering….what the heck?  All based in science and my personal and professional experience.   So even if you are ill or infirm or otherwise physically challenged, you can be healthier –  and spread it like ripples to others you come...Read More

Telemedicine: A Perfect Partnership in Saving Money & Time

Billy and I are self-reliant. We always have been and it’s an approach we prefer. However, there are times when we need to ask for help and a good example is in the arena of healthcare. This is when we research reliable medical information sites on the internet such as Mayo Clinic, WebMD and other respected organizations. When several sites g...Read More

Opening Up To Happiness

Hi, my name is Firoozeh (pronounced fear-roo-zay’ ). I was born in Iran into a Baha’i family, and I became a member of the Baha’i Faith at age 15.  I left Iran after graduating from high school in 1979, when the government changed because of revolution, and the persecution of the Baha’is started.  I was onboard one...Read More

Herbs for Healthy Lungs

My son Dave is the reason I became an herbalist. He had severe asthma and allergies as a child and when he was four, our pediatrician said it was time to put him on steroids. Unwilling to go that route unless it was absolutely necessary, I began my quest for other options. With the help of herbs, Dave's health was restored. He has not had an a...Read More

Side effects of popular supplements

Dietary supplements aren’t a medical cure, but some sure can help you feel better. If taken regularly over an extended period of time, users can see improvement in conditions ranging from joint pain to a stronger immune system. Some of the most popular supplements include: Fish oil/Omega-3 What it’s been used for: lowering triglycerides...Read More

Dangerous pharmaceuticals marketed as supplements

Shengyang Zhou assured the American buyers that his Chinese-made weight-loss capsules were safe. Zhou was sure because he had a test — one person eats a whole bottle. Such a person would have "maybe some stomach problem, but not die," he told undercover federal agents posing as buyers, according to court records. Making sure custome...Read More

Massage may accelerate healing

The relief that comes from rubbing sore muscles seems to have tangible roots: Researchers have found clear molecular signs that overworked muscle cells respond to being manipulated by massage. There are measurable decreases in inflammatory compounds in massaged muscle tissue and indications that muscle cells rev up their energy processors for the i...Read More

A few minutes of meditation can rejuvenate body, mind

Work, kids, activities, meetings: Caregivers and parents often rush around from one thing to the next, never taking time for self- care or relaxation. However, these two things are an important part to maintaining a healthy lifestyle at any age. Selfcare and relaxation help rejuvenate our body and mind, regulate our mood and improve brain function....Read More

Sensitive to light? Take supplements that are natural sunglasses

Dear Pharmacist: My eyes are so sensitive to light that I have to reach for my sunglasses as soon as I step out the door. Can you offer any help with this problem? – E.R., Silver Springs, Fla. If sunglasses are desired for normal outdoor light, your eyes are overly sensitive to glare. Another symptom would be sensitivity to light from compute...Read More

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