We Are Grand!

It began before they were born. We had the critical job of choosing names. Not names for the shadowy figures in the sonograms but names for ourselves. Grandma and Grandpa? Gemma and Poppa? Glamma and Pops? To the horror of our kids we chose Nana and Poppy. They hated it instantly. That should have been a sign. After all, what do we know about babie...Read More

Should Aging Parents Live Near Their Adult Children?

When children are grown and have children of their own, the dynamic between the parent and the adult child morphs into something difficult to define. The children, who are no longer children, for better or worse, slowly take on the role of caregiver. This can be welcome or annoying. Some seniors, particularly those who don’t have a spouse, need a h...Read More


Grandparenting comes naturally to me because my parents were excellent role models. Just like my two granddaughters who are being raised next door to me and my husband, my children were raised next door to my parents. I know that oftentimes my children felt as though they had two sets of parents. And that’s a good thing. My parents went to my...Read More

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