Lonely? Change That Paradigm – Your Health Depends on It!

You’ve known it’s true. Even long before you were After Fifty. Even long before Covid-19.  Being lonely is a difficult state to be in. But existing in a state of loneliness is more than just “difficult.” We’re now learning that being lonely is a predictor of functional decline and premature death. Says who? The American Medical Association. (Here’s...Read More

New friendships after 50? Absolutely!

Forming friendships after fifty can sound like a daunting task. The fleeting friendships that we’ve created in the workplace or with parents of our children’s friends may no longer exist. After the kids leave the nest and after you’ve stopped working, you may find yourself drifting apart from friendships that turn out to have been situational, ones...Read More

6 Steps for Making Friends After 50

Loneliness is increasing among people over 50. In a recent study by Independent Age, more than 700,000 men and 1.1m women aged over 50 admitted to suffering from “severe” loneliness. Friendships we thought would last forever are left behind after we graduate high school and college. Retirement brings a new set of challenges.  Later, when we reach o...Read More

New At This!

Dear “Oh Carol,” I am about 7 months away from a divorce. We were together for 3 yrs. I realized it was a mistake after the first year…when she drained my bank account…I guess because I am so loving and kind. I didn’t see it coming. so now I am at the age of 63, alone again. I do own my own home and my new truck is paid for. now what…I ...Read More

Ahhhhh – The Dreaded High School Reunion!

Dear “Oh Carol:” I just got a notice that our high school reunion (50th) will be held late next summer.  I went to one, maybe it was the 5th or the 10th – but haven’t seen anyone since then. I went to high school in NY and then moved to the southwest when we retired.  My wife has passed on but I live nearby to my son and his family.  Even so, I fee...Read More

The Heat Is On

It’s been a hot summer, not just here in South Florida where everyone warned us we’d melt, but also in just departed New Jersey and pretty much all across the country.  105 degrees in the Pacific Northwest?  Please, people, you can’t deny climate change, this summer. I don’t know how people lived on the sand spit that is Florida before air conditio...Read More

In Defense: My Embattled (Male) Gender

   I rise today to speak in defense of my embattled gender. From Boston to Berlin, we hear the same outcry from females of the species: “Why do you idiots park your carcasses in front of TV for hours at a time to watch brutes in red uniforms commit felonious assault against brutes in blue uniforms?” Put in simpler terms, ladies, you want to know wh...Read More

Barbara Liked Me…Oh my!

Barbara liked me. I knew. There were too many telltale signs.    Like the time in Miss Kent’s arithmetic class when she walked past all the other boys to ask me for a pencil.    And the time she looked at me during reading group. It could have been the cloakroom she was sneaking a peak at, but I preferred to believe she wouldn’t crane her neck that...Read More

Balancing Our Connections

I love the convenience of my electronic devices. All of them. From the smart phone to the laptop to the Kindle, they connect me to events and people around the world. Think of all we can do without leaving home or having live contact with another person: sofa-lize with “friends” through Facebook; look up recipes; download books by the h...Read More

The Girls of My Facebook Page

We were the good girls when girls were divided into three categories: good, nice, and the others.  We wore heather plaid skirts and matching heather sweaters.  Our round collared blouses were pinned with circle pins, “virgin” pins.  In most cases, it was true.  My sisters warned me that, because I developed breasts early, I would be thought of as “...Read More


Stormy weather. Yesterday, while walking in a public building, my eyes glanced to a monitor on the wall. It was displaying a saying by Norman Cousins and I stopped to make sure I “absorbed” the message. The saying, “Life is an adventure in forgiveness,” raised my spirits. Isn’t it wonderful to think that we humans real...Read More

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