10 things you should probably not wear if you are over 50

In a world that is so youth-obsessed that, many women over 50 feel the desire to dress as young as possible. This is not always the best approach. The goal for the over-50 woman is to look classy, with a little touch of personality. On the other hand, one of the best things about getting older is realizing that you don’t have to spend our energy wo...Read More

Inauguration Fashion Of Presidents Past

On Friday,  Donald Trump was sworn in to public office as the President of the United States of America. Since James Buchanan’s inauguration in 1857, the first on record to be photographed, there have been countless photo opportunities and captured moments from the swearing-in ceremonies to the many balls and events presidents attend over the cours...Read More

Futuristic New Movie “Passengers” Imagines What We’ll Dress Like In 300 Years

Wardrobe stylist Jany Temime has used different styles of clothing to create Hollywood’s most fantastical worlds. She’s outfitted six Harry Potter films, designed space suits for Gravity, and reinvented the Bond “woman” for Spectre. vPassengers, starring Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt, came with a whole new challenge for Temime- Design a w...Read More

Couture Fashion Houses Hiring More Models Over 50

The old saying “Age is just a number” couldn’t be more true than it is now, in 2016. With advancements in skincare, nourishing vitamins and an expanding number of high end couture fashion houses hiring models over fifty, it’s the best time to be a baby boomer. Marc Jacobs recently used Sissy Spacek (66) and Bette Midler (70)...Read More

Baby Boomers: The Most Fashion Forward Generation

1960-1980 were revolutionary for political, social and fashion. The early 1960s changed how we viewed important social norms and the 1970s saw political upheavals that transformed feminism and fashion. The influential Baby Boomer generation rocked the fashion world in this important time. Women were engineers, fashion icons, designers and defined k...Read More

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