Makeup glamour tips for mature skin from iconic makeup artist

Makeup can be a creative, artistic expression of yourself. Makeup artist Joseph Boggess who has over 40 years in the business and has worked for all the major magazines shows us the proper way to enhance our natural beauty to make you look and feel beautiful inside and out!

Lipstick Wear Test for Mature Lips

Fashion Videos for Over 50 Women.

Top 5 Fall Fashion Looks For Over 50 Women

Join Heather as she shares her top 5 go-to outfits for Fall. As a former 80s model she has an eye for style that would also interest 30, 40, and the over 50 year old woman. Heather also gives a great wardrobe organizing tip that you can use for each season that’s a big help when you “don’t know what to wear”. Accessorizing, ...Read More

Top 10 Makeup Mistakes & Tips For Over 50s Women

Heather, a former 80s model shares her Top 10 Makeup Mistakes of Mature Women, over 40, 50 etc.. plus beauty techniques & hacks so learned from make-up artists for the solutions. Blunders in contouring, concealer, hooded eyes, powder, under eye bags, smokey eyeshadow, lip liner & lipstick plus foundation, brows, blush & more are feature...Read More

5 Fashion Bloggers Over 50 Making Waves

Melanie Kobayashi Vancouver-based style adventurer looking for transcendence through comedy, coloring, and rose-tinted bifocals. // A post shared by @bagandaberet on Aug 18, 2017 at 1:12pm PDT A post shared by @bagandaberet on Sep 12, 2017 at 3:44pm PDT Senior Style Bible This 82 year old Dorrie Jacobson is a former Playbo...Read More

10 Summer Fashion Tips For Women Over 50

Summer is coming, so what should you wear if you are over 50? Should you wear mini skirts? Sleeveless dresses? Prints? trendy colors? What exactly are the rules for women of over 50? Here are some ideas, please share yours as well!

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