Estate Planning

Retirement, Marriage, and (What Else???) Money

My husband has just retired. There was a beautiful ceremony and a lovely party. He got all dressed up – and so did I, for that matter. We wanted to look our best because we felt this was an important occasion. This represented a rite-of-passage. He would be transitioning from the world of dutiful work into a world far less well defined, and t...Read More

Having “The Talk”

My daughter (she’s 30-something) sent me an article: ”How To Have ‘The Talk’ With Your Aging Parents.” Does she mean ME??? Aging Parent??? Have a ‘Talk’ with ME??? Or…does she intend that I use it to have a talk with MY parent? I’m not sure I want to know the answer. All joking aside, my reacti...Read More

After Autumn – Doing What Needs To Be Done

A number of people have taken the time to contact me to say they enjoyed the blog posting about “The Autumns of Our Lives.” I’m glad the post was so well-received, but, on reflection, it was incomplete. In the post, I mention a personal friend who was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor. This friend, an After Fiftier, is affluen...Read More

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