‘Roseanne’ and the persistent effect of Baby Boomers

As we search for common ground, it seems the glory days of our baby boomer culture is the greatest hits from television. Thanks to “Roseanne,” we may have something in common we can discuss without really discussing “politics.” The return of the popular “Roseanne” show had a vast audience in its returning debut, ...Read More

Lorena Bobbitt Wishes You’d Forget Her Already

Getting recognized by strangers happens far less often to Lorena Bobbitt these days as 23 years have passed since her face was on the front of every newspaper and magazine cover. Even when she uses her maiden name, Gallo, she is still recognized- It is an inescapable part of her life. For Lorena, It’s nothing new. “All the jokes, it hurt at f...Read More

What Madonna’s Emotional Billboard Speech Means For Baby Boomer Women

Madonna has been a pop idol since 1982. This year, Madonna Louise Ciccone bridged idol with icon and emotionally accepted Billboard’s woman of the year award. According to her, ageism, and sexism doesn’t get easier as you mature, and misogyny in the entertainment industry and beyond is surely still going strong. The fight for equality f...Read More

Retirement Transition: How to avoid the shock and retire with ease.

Some people make a smooth transition to retirement, jumping into their new lifestyles with energy, excitability and willingness, but others have more trouble adjusting. Most people assume that in retirement they have to go from working full time for 40 years to fully retiring cold turkey. Consider asking your company for a sliding retirement plan. ...Read More

Twist and Gout

It’s date-night at the Senior Center and Babe and I are perched at a table not much bigger than a Frisbee. If we can manage to squeeze onto the microscopic dance floor we plan to boogie all night long. My man loves to dance. When the band starts up with, “Sixty Minute Man,” Babe connects with the song and immediately yanks me on to the dance floor ...Read More

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