How to Handle Inflation so You Don’t Run Out of Money During Retirement

It’s one thing to save for retirement, building a nice stable nest egg that will take you through your senior years. And you’ll have Social Security benefits to look forward to, and maybe even a pension and a401K. Establishing a monthly income for yourself is an excellent way to manage your money so you don’t overspend. Knowing what you need to liv...Read More

Social Security Cuts? Puhlease…Say It Isn’t So!

Oh no….can it be? President Barack Obama’s federal budget proposal includes a concept that should send shivers up and down our spines. Included in the budget is a proposal for a Social Security chained consumer price index (chained CPI) to guide annual increases. Essentially, what this means is that Social Security checks would increas...Read More

Confronting Illusions

A couple of events have occurred recently that have me thinking about some of the illusions we maintain as we age. Here are three. DEMENTIA. You may not be at all concerned about developing Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia – today. But you should be. It’s in the back of my mind – all the time. I may have reason for con...Read More

The Federal Budget and Debt – Oh Boy!

The US Treasury Department is estimating that the government will hit its $14.3 trillion ceiling (yes, that’s a “t” for trillion) sometime soon – most likely between April 15 and the end of May. A few in Washington are talking about raising the debt ceiling – but most (on both sides of the table) are adamantly against ...Read More

Thanksgiving Draws To A Close….

The Thanksgiving weekend is drawing to a close. Yes, there’ll be more football games – but none that seem quite as intense as the games fueled by turkey gravy and chestnut stuffing. The last of the guests are on their way home (or soon will be) – so please bear with me and let me share with you a few of the things that I have been...Read More

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