Death Doula’s Are Making End Of Life Easier On The Dying & Their Families

You may have experienced the services of a doula during the birth of your children or the children of friends or family. Birth doulas support women and their families through the process of a child being born. Many people find comfort in knowing there is an advocate there during one of the most exciting, precious and scary times- so it’s no w...Read More

Marsha and Ed

Marsha and Ed moved in next door to us a couple of years ago. She, I would guess is early 70’s and he mid-to-late 70’s.  And even though we’re younger, we knew we’d like them – right away. They came bustling over to introduce themselves, invited us to join them by their pool, and Ed agreed to join Lou (my husband)...Read More

Assisted Suicide?

No doubt about it: the election of the US president on November 6, 2012 will be the most talked about, watched, debated, argued vote on that day.� Yet in my home state of Massachusetts, there’s a ballot initiative that has passions flaring on both sides. Question 2 asks Massachusetts voters if they will or will not support this “Death...Read More

A Rough Time

It’s been a rough 18 months for my aging mother.First, her younger sister died, probably before her time, of ovarian cancer.Then her husband of 66 years (my father) passed on.He had not been well at all for about 3 years, and so we all considered his death to be a blessing for him.Three months later my mother’s older brother died and a ...Read More

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