How Clutter is Ruining Your Life – and, How To Fix It!

Clutter is a fairly common problem for many families. It can be an extra burden for retirees. It may feel like you’ve downsized while in your same home, because clutter has shrunk your livable space. You may also feel a bit more aches as you try to move piles of clutter from one area to another. When you discover an inability to find things you nee...Read More

Don’t make these common mistakes then relocating in retirement

Some Americans dream of moving to an ideal location to retire. Many want to stay in their same home. As you retire, it is often considered a perfect opportunity to sell your home, downsize and relocate to your dream retirement location. Typically, by this time, the children are no longer “living at home,” so the need to be close to a school or even...Read More

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