8 Things You Should Never Microwave But People Do

Not too many people now that the microwave was invented almost by accident 70 years ago when a Raytheon engineer named Percy Spencer was testing a military-grade magnetron and suddenly realized his snack had melted.

10 Incredibly Useful Cooking Tips From Chef Gordon Ramsay

Here are 10 surprisingly useful (and sometimes unconventional) cooking tips to make life easier for you in the kitchen. Learn useful skills such as how to ripen fruit quickly, cut herbs perfectly or get rid of chilli from your finger, plus many more!

Have Yourself An Easy Thanksgiving This Year

It’s almost Thanksgiving, the time of year where you are able to enjoy a delicious meal, and the company of the ones you love. Unless of course you’re the one doing the cooking. With hours upon hours of preparation, cooking, place setting and serving- the chef rarely gets the simple pleasure of company and conversation. Here at AFL we w...Read More

5 Reasons To NOT Rinse Your Turkey

You’ve watched your mother do it, you’ve watched your grandparents do it, but whatever you do, do not rinse your turkey. Poultry sometimes feels like it could use a little wash here and there and it can sometimes feel slimy. According to the USDA, rinsing your turkey will not get rid of unwanted bacteria, as that is virtually impossible...Read More

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