Challenges and Courage


My husband and I had just retired and sold our home, relocating to another area in our state.  Without new jobs, we were uninsured.  7 months later I find myself with cancer of the uterus and needing a total hysterectomy!  The hospital financial person strongly advised I apply for the the FMIP-the new insurance put in place by P...Read More

A Shared Story: The Day My Country Was Attacked

At the time I was employed as a patrolman by The New York City Police Department. I was looking foward to spending a few days with my son,who was in the US Navy and going on shore leave.I arrived home at 8:30 am after doing the 12X8 midnight shift. As I was walking to my home,when a woman stopped me and told me that The Pentagon and World Trade Cen...Read More

A Shared Story: September 2000

It was the summer of 2000 heading into the football season. Initially I wanted to find a game my son James and I could go to and see his favorite team the Green Bay Packers and my favorite team the New York Jets who were playing each other opening day at Lambeau field.  Being based in the Twin Cities of Minnesota the trip was only a five hour ...Read More

A Shared Story: Veteran’s Day

I am one of many Vietnam era Veterans who served during the time of the Vietnam War. I can remember when the war began in 1967 and ended in 1975. In fact I enlisted following graduation from high school in 1973. Because it was the last two years of the war, although I was on active duty, I was not sent to Vietnam. From the time of my birth in 1953,...Read More

A Shared Story: My Military children

Three of my four children are currently serving in the military.  My older daughter has been in the Air Force for eleven years, currently stationed in Utah.  My younger son has been in the Army for six years, currently stationed in Colorado.  My younger daughter (and youngest child) has been in the Army for three years, currently sta...Read More

A Shared Story: Veterans

My dad and uncles served in WWII.   My husband and cousins and friends served in Vietnam.  If you love your freedom, thank a Veteran!  Freedom is not free, the price was paid by our veterans.  God bless America!

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