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4 Things You Hate About Getting Older (And…How To Fix Them)

Aging is, as they say, preferable to the alternative. But as you creep past forty, fifty, sixty, and later in life, your body changes. Suddenly, staying out late with friends drinking or working an all-nighter comes with unexpected consequences. There are many myths about getting older, but there are a number of truths too. Just because your b...Read More

Killing Me Softly with Size 1.5 (Chico’s Edition)

In the old movie, Splash, Darryl Hannah as a not-so-little mermaid newly arrived on land, goes to acquire a wardrobe in Bloomingdale’s.  A stereotypical New York sales lady looks at her outfit, borrowed from Tom Hanks’ closet, and says “What.  Did you see “Annie Hall” too many times?  You’ve got a beautiful figur...Read More

Eight Ways to Protect Your Skin from Dryness – Easily and Economically

Harsh winter weather is not usually a problem in balmy Georgia where I live. But this winter, the temps have been extra cold for longer periods of time. Usually February offers plenty of mild sunny days as a sweet appetizer to the spring weather just around the bend, but we had 9 inches of snow covering the ground on Valentine’s Day.  Th...Read More

Dressing for the Age You Are

I became invisible on May 14, 2010.  It was a while before I realized that I had achieved transparency, but it became even more apparent to me as I read my monthly allotment of magazines: People Magazine – Beauty by the Decades : the decades always ended at age 59, with either Meryl Streep or Sigourney Weaver interchangeably shown as the...Read More

Show some office style to avoid a dressing-down

Listening to a presentation by an expert on workplace wardrobes, I realized my closet is so replete with fashion violations it should be burned to the ground, covered with concrete and then burned again for good measure. I dress, apparently, like an unhip version of everyone’s grandfather. This doesn’t technically bother me. The only re...Read More

How to go gray

Thinking about going gray? Stylist and salon owner Ron Booth of Studio Booth is also a top colorist who suggests several ways to ease the transition so there isn't a white stripe down the middle of your head. Great results can be achieved by bleaching the hair and then using a pale platinum dye to give it some warmth. “It's a softer...Read More

Men’s Health Gurus give tips on trimming body hair

It’s probably not the safest Sunday dinner topic, but body hair bears discussion, guys. You can call it "au naturel" all you want, but no one — breakfast spoiler alert! — wants to see your ear or nose hair. And if your back hair blew in the wind at the lake this weekend, you especially need help. That’s why the tru...Read More

Engineered cells sprout new hair

A hair-raising trick may lead to better hair transplants. Engineered hair follicles patched into skin can be coaxed to connect to surrounding tissue and to grow hair in an organized way, a study in mice finds. Unlike current hair transplant methods, which simply move existing hair follicles from one area of the scalp to another to cover a bald regi...Read More

Quest for Hair

MARY PITRE FIRST noticed that her hair was thinning when she turned 50. This was disturbing, to say the least. "You don’t want to talk about hair loss," says Pitre. "It’s embarrassing, and you will try anything to fix it. You truly feel like less of a woman." For quite some time, Pitre’s hairdresser attempted t...Read More

Measuring up: Not all men attracted to single-digit sizes

I’ve got a secret. I enjoy watching those infomercials for the Kymaro Body Shaper and Curve Control Jeans that come on in the middle of the night. For me, they’re guilty pleasures that I feel even guiltier admitting that I take pleasure in, but probably not for the reasons you might think. Because I often wake up to write when inspirati...Read More

Healthy living can lead to beautiful skin

Health resolutions have some spectacular side effects – glowing skin, shiny hair and a boost of confidence. So there’s no shame in making beauty a top priority. Beauty and better health go hand-in-hand. "Think about taking care of your skin as an organ – people forget about that," said Dr. Kelli Lovelace , a dermatologis...Read More

Everything You Need To Know About Liposuction

 Liposuction is a way to help improve a person’s body, personal image and self esteem. The process isn’t something that should be taken lightly and the after affects of the surgery can take a few weeks for you to get over. To speed up the rate of recovery there are a few important things you can do and should know which can make a ...Read More

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