Here’s How Daylight Savings Time Affects Your Health

The “extra hour” is back in business. But do we actually “feel” it? We could be using that extra hour for anything, seeing friends, cleaning closets, having just one more drink, but when push comes to shove,most of us really only notice the hour gained while setting the alarm for Sunday morning Realistically speaking, resett...Read More

Baby Boomers Are Getting Tattoos, But Why?

If you’ve ever expressed out loud that you were considering a tattoo you may have heard the familiar adage. “you’ll regret it when you’re older” or “what will it look like when you’re 50?” from close friends or family. According to new research, it’s not just the young who are making the decisio...Read More

Couture Fashion Houses Hiring More Models Over 50

The old saying “Age is just a number” couldn’t be more true than it is now, in 2016. With advancements in skincare, nourishing vitamins and an expanding number of high end couture fashion houses hiring models over fifty, it’s the best time to be a baby boomer. Marc Jacobs recently used Sissy Spacek (66) and Bette Midler (70)...Read More

It’s Time We Had “The Talk”.

Dealing with advanced illness and end of life care for a loved one is hard. Many realize far too late that we should be asking tough questions, like how our loved ones wanted to be cared for in their final days. Those answers could help your decision making in final treatments like chemotherapy, blood transfusions and final resting place requests b...Read More

The New Retail Frontier: How Companies are marketing to Babyboomers AND Millennials

Retailers have been investing in advertising campaigns targeted to baby boomers for years, and with a great return- as four out of five retailers attribute nearly 50% of their sales to boomers. Up until recently, the generation born between 1976 and 1994 (Millennials) has been considered short on the spending power needed for marketers to target. T...Read More

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