Who Lives Upstairs: Caring for a Parent with Dementia

Mother and daughters sometimes can rub each other the wrong way. Well, this is an experience I had when I completely lost it with my mom when she was in my care. I regret it deeply. Something you must never do is get caught up in the mother and daughter relationship while caring for them. Their behavior may sound like it is accusatory at times. &ld...Read More

The Heartbreak of Alzheimer's

The surgeon prompted, “Tell me about the fall. Describe how it happened.”  “Oh, I didn’t fall,” my sister assured him.  “They,” she continued, nodding her head toward my sister and me, “tell me I fell, but I didn’t. Don’t know why they think they know what happened when they were...Read More

The Appalling State of Research Funding for Alzheimer's Disease

You might think the status of funding for researching a cure for Alzheimer’s Disease doesn’t matter to you – but think again.  FACT #1:   5.2 million Americans are currently suffering from the disease.  FACT #2:  Almost 20% (1 in 5) of those ages 75-84 have the disease today.  FACT #3:  Almost 50...Read More

It's All Gone

“His body is here,” my friend said, “but the rest of him is in a place where I can’t go.” Susan’s husband of forty-four years has Alzheimer’s, the dreaded disease of so many seniors. Fortunately for Dan, Susan is a trained nurse with the compassion and patience of Mother Teresa. A spiritual person, she lean...Read More

Too Much Sugar Causes Memory Loss

We know too much sugar is bad for our waistline.  A study from Mayo Clinic and reported in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease has shown that the people over 70 who ate the most carbohydrates relative to protein and fat approached being 4 times greater risk of developing mild cognitive impairment, which is a precursor to Alzheimer’s...Read More

Caregivers Face Challenges When Patients Also Have Dementia

Alzheimer's disease ran the show for the last few years of Robert Lusk's life.  The incurable brain disorder took center stage in front of other ailments: chronic diabetes, heart surgery and prostate cancer.  But his wife and caregiver, Mary, had to take all of his medical conditions into consideration while maintaining calm and...Read More

Confronting Illusions

A couple of events have occurred recently that have me thinking about some of the illusions we maintain as we age. Here are three. DEMENTIA. You may not be at all concerned about developing Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia – today. But you should be. It’s in the back of my mind – all the time. I may have reason for con...Read More

Family Caregiving: An Obligation or a Gift

What do we owe our parents? The founder of the Alzheimer’s Reading Room raised this question recently, and when I thought about it, I felt�conflicted. You see, I may be in a closeted minority that’s willing to admit publicly that I don’t think I owe my parents anything. Before you start pelting me with words like “ungratef...Read More

Alzheimer’s, The Puzzle

The October 25, 2010 issue of Time Magazine ran a thought-provoking cover story by Alice Park entitled “Alzheimer’s Unlocked.” No, the cure has not yet been found. And no, there still is no 100% definitive method of diagnosing the disease – until after death. In fact, recent experimentation and study has led, in some cases, ...Read More

Alzheimer’s: A “Bold Plan”

It’s infuriating the way TV advertisements present Alzheimer’s disease. The socially acceptable scenarios played out on the�screen are�insulting to those who deal with the raw truth of this devastating illness. Televised fantasies contribute to dulling our senses to the urgency needed to get on with solving this issue. AlzheimerR...Read More

A Guide For Caring For a Person with Alzheimer’s Disease

Thank you! Thank you, National Institute on Aging for preparing, producing, and providing (for free, no less) this great guide for Caring For a Person with Alzheimer’s Disease. It is described as “easy to use,” and thankfully, they are absolutely right! I remember standing by and watching helplessly as my father descended into the...Read More

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