Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities

A plan for aging in place Most seniors don’t really want to pull up roots and move into a retirement community, leaving behind friends and familiar routines. Moving is expensive, and the fees associated with enhanced services for seniors offered by many communities can be prohibitive. “The latest income data show the median income for h...Read More

4 Hacks (or Shortcuts) to a Happy Retirement

Hacks are shortcuts that make life easier. They can be clever ways to use existing objects or subvert routines. Tedious chores and complicated decisions are made easier with hacks. There are life hacks for most ventures — even retirement. Retirement comes with some big decisions. Here's the most effective way to hack retirement: Plan ahe...Read More

Three Ways To Improve Your Home's Accessibility

You’ve lived in your home for decades. It’s where your children and grandchildren grew up, and every room is filled with countless wonderful memories. But living there has become more challenging recently. The stairs are harder to navigate than they used to be, and you’ve fallen a few times. As we age, sometimes we’re faced ...Read More

An End of Life Journey Begins

Yes, I know. It’s been much too long since I have posted here. But as is the case with many of us who are After Fifty, life sometimes intervenes (interferes) with our plans. The intervening factor here was the sudden, unexpected illness and hospitalization of my 88-year-old mother. It was touch-and-go for a bit, and, bottom line, even though ...Read More

Where To Live After Fifty: Things to Consider

After Fifty Living user “Beeples985″ wrote into the “Where To Live After 50″ forum recently. “Looking to downsize soon. Ugh, the thought of all that and moving too….” Beeples985 got me thinking – there really are so many issues and options to consider in the “stay put or move” decision-mak...Read More

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