Just Sayin’

OVER THE HILL?? I am kinda annoyed (and that’s putting it mildly). There’s a comment on the AFL Facebook page that says being After 50 is “over the hill.” Really? It’s ONLY so in the mind of that poor, misguided, disgruntled creature. How sad is that!! My goal is NOT to present some unrealistic, unattainable image of what life is like when you reac...Read More

5 Scams Aimed at Baby Boomers

If you’re visiting your mom or dad and see an excessive amount of junk mail, take note: Your parent might be a prime target for fraud. “If your parents’ mail is filled with sweepstakes notifications, free gift offers and more magazines than they could possibly read, chances are good they’re on a ‘sucker list,'” w...Read More

What Madonna’s Emotional Billboard Speech Means For Baby Boomer Women

Madonna has been a pop idol since 1982. This year, Madonna Louise Ciccone bridged idol with icon and emotionally accepted Billboard’s woman of the year award. According to her, ageism, and sexism doesn’t get easier as you mature, and misogyny in the entertainment industry and beyond is surely still going strong. The fight for equality f...Read More

Elder Abuse? 3 Common Types, and Some Helpful Tips

Verbal and Physical Abuse  Verbal abuse is often subtle. In today’s world, we don’t tolerate slurs whether directed at race, religion or children. Somehow society appears to tolerate such sentiment toward the over-60 generation. Terms such as “the olds”, “dithering old man” are put-downs. These expressions may not be intentional. However, they are ...Read More

Looking in the Media Mirror

Ali McGraw is 77. It was all over the news, a few days ago. Yes, that Ali McGraw. The coltish, flip actor who embodied Jenny Cavilleri from Love Story and Brenda Potemkin from Goodbye, Columbus, is in her eighth decade and the big news was that she has not had plastic surgery or a lot of hair maintenance. She’s doing age naturally. The praise poure...Read More

What’s Wrong With Aging?

So, what’s wrong with aging? Nothing I say…provided you do it with grace, happiness and a positive approach, regardless of your physical, mental or financial situations? In today’s society there are many who would say there is a lot wrong with getting older, and there are equally as many who do everything they can to disguise the obvious consequenc...Read More

It’s A Rear End Sale

I like to think that I have a good sense of humor.  I loved Woody Allen until he stopped being funny and became repetitive.  I can recite the entire script of Waiting for Guffman and usually do, so you might want to avoid watching it with me.  I can be annoying.  In fact, I adore every Christopher Guest mockmentary ever made.  I’m a little iffy abo...Read More

After Fifty – and Proud of It!

Most of us don’t like it…we just don’t like being called a “senior.” It doesn’t matter whether we’re newly inaugurated into the After Fifty generation, or have been active members for a while. Bottom line – we bristle when referred to as a “senior.” Why? Yes, the word “senior”...Read More

“You’re Never Too Old…”

“You’re never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” – CS Lewis What a great saying! So upbeat, so positive, so reaffirming. But you’ve gotta ask, “Is it really true?” I’ve concluded that there may be a time when setting another goal or dreaming a new dream is indeed impossible – ...Read More

We’re Old? We Don’t Like Change? Says Who??

I’m sensitive to news releases that focus on the Boomer and After Fifty generation. So when Yahoo! News ran a piece about Boomers and Facebook’s new Timeline (Facebook Timeline feature unpopular, especially among Boomers) I honed right in on it. I read for 5 seconds when I saw the caption on a user map accompanying the article. Are you ...Read More

Is Age Discrimination Real?

A topic of interest at recently has been “age discrimination,” especially as it pertains to employment. So I decided to do some digging to see what could be learned. First, employers are smart. They aren’t going to issue age-discriminatory statements in interview situations or elsewhere for the most part. ...Read More

After Fifty and Looking for Work

Let’s say you’re over 50, and you’re having a tough time finding a job. Is it the economy that’s the problem? Well, maybe. But it might be much more than that. An article in by Anne Kadet�quotes a study in which younger and older job hunters, with comparable skills, were paired to see which applicant would b...Read More

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