Age Discrimination

6 Last Minute Retirement Planning Strategies

In a perfect world, everyone would follow a consistent saving and investing plan, allowing them to retire with the same lifestyle they enjoyed during their working careers. In reality, though, many people find they are rapidly approaching retirement age without nearly enough savings. If this situation is all too familiar to you, don’t worry &...Read More

Confronting Illusions

A couple of events have occurred recently that have me thinking about some of the illusions we maintain as we age. Here are three. DEMENTIA. You may not be at all concerned about developing Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia – today. But you should be. It’s in the back of my mind – all the time. I may have reason for con...Read More

After Fifty – and Proud of It!

Most of us don’t like it…we just don’t like being called a “senior.” It doesn’t matter whether we’re newly inaugurated into the After Fifty generation, or have been active members for a while. Bottom line – we bristle when referred to as a “senior.” Why? Yes, the word “senior”...Read More

We’re Old? We Don’t Like Change? Says Who??

I’m sensitive to news releases that focus on the Boomer and After Fifty generation. So when Yahoo! News ran a piece about Boomers and Facebook’s new Timeline (Facebook Timeline feature unpopular, especially among Boomers) I honed right in on it. I read for 5 seconds when I saw the caption on a user map accompanying the article. Are you ...Read More

Is Age Discrimination Real?

A topic of interest at recently has been “age discrimination,” especially as it pertains to employment. So I decided to do some digging to see what could be learned. First, employers are smart. They aren’t going to issue age-discriminatory statements in interview situations or elsewhere for the most part. ...Read More

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