The Falks’ Test

It was February in New England, and the Blizzard of ’78 had immobilized the entire region. Highways were shut down. Too many cars had been abandoned in helter-skelter fashion as the unsuspecting fought snow-drifts on foot in the quest for safety. Yes, this was way before

I Want My Country Back!

I love my country. I was born here, grew up here, and will die here. I’ve traveled the world – pole to pole, six continents, and saw endless natural wonders. Yet no place is as beautiful or richly diverse as home.

My Resurrection Soup

I am a retired chemical engineer and would like to share my new daily practice which may help others After 50. Almost daily, I enjoy what my friends and I call “The Resurrection Soup.”


Before I started tapping on this keyboard, I opened my wallet and pulled out his picture. I keep it buried not only within the folds of my wallet, but buried deep in my soul, my memory, and deep within all the stuff that makes me – me.

Broken Circle of Life

My friends and cousins cannot wait to show me photos of their grandchildren and recount the many joyous "one of a kind" experiences they have with them.

Lump In The Mashed Potatoes

There is nothing funny about breast cancer, but I love humor and I spend my life trying not to take myself too seriously. My friends who have experienced breast cancer have told me how a smattering of humor has made even their worst days a little better. I hope you'll read my story and know that it is my attempt to make you smile today.

Crazy Busy

Here in the city where I live everyone is very busy. I'm not sure what they are busy doing so I can only hazard to guess: working, eating, sleeping, running around from place to place, going to parties, making love, watching television and movies, surfing the Internet, and looking at their Smartphones. That is what people here do.

What Really Matters

December 11th, 2009 was the beginning of a major change. My grand-daughter Kayla was born. She is the first girl in 51 years.....since my birth December 20th, 1958. I became a Grandmother.

Reinventing Me

When I was a little kid, my heroes were the astronauts that flew in NASA's Gemini and Apollo capsules. I watched, fascinated, as Edward White opened the hatch of his Gemini capsule and floated, attached only by a slender umbilical cord, the first American to walk in space. I also watched, horrified, a few years later, when the news reported the fla...Read More

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