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Reverse Mortgage and Your Adult Children

You’re thinking about getting a reverse mortgage. Should you discuss your plan with your adult children? Maybe. Every senior homeowner’s situation is unique. “I wish I could give you one best practice that’s optimal for every family, but it’s more complex than that,” says Joseph Goetz, an associate professor for ...Read More

Laverne's View: The Final Talk

Recently, we hosted the third in a series of three life-altering, talks. The first TALK was the SEX TALK, back when my children were pre-teens. It left me traumatized when I learned that they knew far more about the topic than I did.  The second TALK was about DRUGS. I had been actively involved in a Drug Awareness program in town and, consequ...Read More

After Fifty Moments: Parenting Grown Kids

Still bleary-eyed after a late night four-hour flight to visit my daughter Whitney and her new husband in southern California, I sipped the green smoothie Whitney’d just whipped up in what she called the Vitamix. Must get one of those thingamajigs, I'm thinking, when the newlyweds joined me on the patio. “Mom, we have a little gift...Read More

Empty Nest Syndrome and Other ‘After Fifty’ Changes

Hot on the heels of Mother’s Day, the topic of “Empty Nest Syndrome” came up in a group I belong to. “I’m too busy to be suffering from syndromes,” said one person. “Oh, empty nest syndrome? It’s not even real,” said another. But, according to none other than “yours truly” and the Ma...Read More

The Boston Marathon Bombing – Changing Us Forever

Patriot’s Day in Boston. It always falls on the third Monday in April. You can count on it. And the Boston Marathon. Always held on Patriot’s Day – a day when literally thousands of people make their way from Hopkinton to Boylston Street, doing so for more than 100+ years. You can count on that happening, too. But things will chan...Read More

Scams: Targeting Our Aging Loved Ones

Recently we ran an article that flew right to the top of the charts: Scammed By Love. It’s the true story of 73 year-old Lydia, from Vancouver, who was scammed by a guy she met through an online dating site. And it quickly reminded me of the time I was in my 90 year-old mother’s home when the infamous “Rachel from Cardmember Servi...Read More

Family Caregiving: An Obligation or a Gift

What do we owe our parents? The founder of the Alzheimer’s Reading Room raised this question recently, and when I thought about it, I felt�conflicted. You see, I may be in a closeted minority that’s willing to admit publicly that I don’t think I owe my parents anything. Before you start pelting me with words like “ungratef...Read More

Women, the Olympics and Team Sports

Frank Bruni recently wrote an article called Women’s Time To Shine for the New York Times. Bruni states that the US Government passed the Title IX Act four decades ago to assure that women receive as many athletic opportunities as men. He also states that, while high schools and colleges do a fairly decent job to promote these opportunities, ...Read More

Family Caregiving

One day a week I join with 65 million other people in the US, and assume the role of family caregiver. I drive 40 miles to my mother’s home, and do bills & pills, grocery shop, wash clothes and dishes, take her to appointments (which I have made for her), and more…much more. Sometimes, though, I just sit and listen. During the rest ...Read More

Our Children’s Choices

I ran into an old friend yesterday. We were both in a rush, yet eager to catch up. We “hit the highpoints” of our lives, including those of our children’s. And then she relayed a brief story about one child, summing it up by saying, “Well, I made my choices and now she’s making hers.” I’ve thought about her...Read More

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