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3 Tips When It Comes To Money and Our Adult Kids

  –  Millennials are navigating a tough job market and a post-recession economy –  Financially supporting adult children could deprive them of “teachable moments” –  Sharing your experiences is an invaluable way to teach fiscal responsibility     You probably talked to your kids about money when they were younger — ...Read More

My Kids Give Alice a Tough Time

Dear “Oh Carol:” My former wife and I share custody of our two teenage daughters.  I’ve met a wonderful woman (Alice) but things are getting difficult.  My daughters treat Alice horribly.  I’m afraid that if I punish them they’ll hate me – and if I don’t, that Alice will leave.  What should I do? AFL’s OH CAROL Answers...Read More

The Family Money Talk – Tips & How-To’s

Do you feel uncomfortable discussing topics such as life insurance needs, health care costs and education financing with your parents, your kids or even your siblings? If so, you’re not alone. According to a new Ameriprise Financial study, the majority of Americans approach family money talks with a similar sense of apprehension. But many of them f...Read More

Your Money. Saying “No” to Your Kids…

Lou Rose responded to a post about retired Professor Robert Pritchard’s suggestion that Social Security eliminate penalties for working and collecting between age 62 and full retirement age. He wrote that he and his wife were working past full retirement age — 66 — in order to save at least a year’s worth of cash. But he worries that the money will...Read More

It’s Never Easy, Is It?

Dear “Oh Carol:” My son’s mother-in-law, Mary, has cancer and has only 6 months left.  She’s a sweet-heart and this is so sad. I think she’s mid-60’s. Her husband has been a real trooper helping her with every need and no complaining. But recently some have noticed he’s acting a bit too friendly with some of Mary’s friends.  Especially the single o...Read More

Organ Donors – Meet My Daughter, the Hero

This is one of my heartfelt blog posts, so if you are not up for heartfelt you should stop reading now. • Oh, you’re still here. Good. I am about to tell you a story of the daughter we raised and how she became a hero. First some statistics. More than 123,000 people in the U.S. are waiting for an organ transplant as of 2015. A new person joins the ...Read More

Number One Hits

Emmy’s, Oscars, Grammy’s.  Every year we honor the number one hits in television, movies and music with awards and celebrations.  I sometimes wonder if the ordinary person deserves awards too.  In the quest to be number one do we sometimes lose sight of what is important? ​I am a huge fan of the award winning performer Adele and could n...Read More

2 Critical Questions to Ask Senior Parents

You may think that sticky conversations and awkward questions between you and your parents are a thing of the past. Get ready for a little role reversal. As your parents age, you’re more likely to be the one asking uncomfortable questions. Although some parents are transparent with their adult children and provide them with a complete plan fo...Read More

Time Talk

Time. It’s not what it used to be. Particularly this time of year. Time becomes more intrusive as we approach that day when we stay up late, watch a silly clock slide down a building, and celebrate with champagne in tacky plastic glasses. To make matters worse, we have to change the year in checks, bills, and calendars that have run out of ti...Read More

What Happens To Your Parents’ Reverse Mortgage When They Die

As more seniors turn to reverse mortgages, their adult children might well be puzzled or concerned about what will happen to that debt when one or both of their parents eventually dies. At that time, questions about how to pay off the loan will need to be resolved — and relatively quickly. Loans are due when borrower dies Nearly all reverse m...Read More

Good Job

No matter how good a job we do I  wonder  why negative situations take away the joy of the positive.  I am doing my best to not revisit painful times as they serve no point but I suppose because my husband and I are weeks away from our 35th wedding  anniversary we reminisce of all the good times and bad.  We try not to dwell on bad but sadly they e...Read More

Cats In The Cradle

I’ve long since retired, my son’s moved away I called him up just the other day I said, “I’d like to see you if you don’t mind,” He said, “I’d love to, if I can find the time You see my new job’s a hassle and kids have the flu But it’s sure nice talking to you. It’s been sure nice talking to you” The cat’s in the cradle and the silver spoon Little ...Read More

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