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Garage Organization – A Chore No More

When spring rolls around, you may find what was once a home for your cars has now become a landfill for everything you own but don’t use. It’s important to define different spaces of your house, and the garage is no exception: it’s just as functional as any other part of the home. However, it’s meant to store your tools, not...Read More

What Is A Certified Aging-In-Place Specialist

As the baby boomer generation gets older, many are beginning to face the challenges of staying in a familiar home as they age or having to decide to relocate to facilities that are friendlier to aging adults. Naturally, most Americans (over 80% by some accounts) would rather age at home. That desire has led aging-in-place remodeling to become the f...Read More

Garage Storage Solutions – Eliminate Your Excuses

If storage solutions for your garage seem to be out of reach, think again. Most people can solve their garage storage problems by just getting real about what the actual need is, then making the resolve to fill that need. You do not have to live with a cluttered, frustrating garage any longer! Garage storage solutions have to start with a...Read More

Tree Care This Fall Means Gorgeous Foliage in Spring

Now is the time of year to ensure that the beautiful trees in your yard will remain healthy and produce a vibrant, green canopy come springtime by treating them against insects, fungus and diseases. If trees are not cared for, these pests can cause your trees to look sick and possibly die next year. The removal and replacement of a mature tree is a...Read More

Checklist: Your Closet, Your Garden

HOME CHECKLIST Is your closet jam-packed with clothes? Maybe you don’t need more space but a new approach to your wardrobe. "At some point or another, I think that almost all women deal with the ‘closet full of clothes but nothing to wear’ problem," said image consultant Marla Tomazin. "If digging through all of tha...Read More

50 Tips for Better Living

If this last year felt like a bone-wearying, thank-goodness-it’s-over slog to the finish, resolve to make things easier on yourself as you flip the page to a new year. We culled 50 tips from colleagues and our favorite magazines and websites to help you get started. From decorating to entertaining, gardening to DIY projects, youR...Read More

Texting is now king – in all age groups

Texting is now king — in all age groups. Americans have never spent more for their telephone services. Or less time talking on the phone. Talking? What’s that? As Time magazine proclaimed in its special 2012 "Tech Land" issue, "The telephone call is a dying institution." The popularity of text messaging, meanwhile, i...Read More

Death knell for print?

Drew Kronick is pretty much done with printed newspapers. The Westfield, N.J., resident has canceled his subscription to The New York Times and reads it on his iPhone or computer. He’s reduced delivery of his local paper, The Star Ledger, to weekends. He checks out for local information. "The only time that I really read a newspap...Read More

Festive florals will brighten up your holiday decor

A first night of Hanukkah get-together over appetizers or a sit-down Christmas Eve dinner — there’s more to the holidays than just the fare. Think floral centerpieces, tabletop arrangements and wreaths or door swags. Floral designer Mark Held is never short on ideas when it comes to using these to set the stage for decorated gatherings,...Read More

Outsourcing Holiday Chores

‘Tis the season to pawn off potentially stressful holiday chores and rediscover merry. The gloom and frugality of the recession may be lifting for service-oriented businesses that allow customers to outsource seasonal errands they dread. From holiday decorating to shopping, cooking and gift-wrapping, there’s someone willing to do the wo...Read More

This holiday season, up the wow factor

With the bustle of the holiday season upon us, busy hosts are looking for simple ways to infuse personality and flair into holiday entertaining. To help, Pillsbury has partnered with party planner to the stars, David Tutera, to show how easy it is to create an impressive table at any holiday gathering. "There’s no doubt about it, pie is ...Read More

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