5 Scams Aimed at Baby Boomers

If you’re visiting your mom or dad and see an excessive amount of junk mail, take note: Your parent might be a prime target for fraud. “If your parents’ mail is filled with sweepstakes notifications, free gift offers and more magazines than they could possibly read, chances are good they’re on a ‘sucker list,'” w...Read More

Elder Abuse? 3 Common Types, and Some Helpful Tips

Verbal and Physical Abuse  Verbal abuse is often subtle. In today’s world, we don’t tolerate slurs whether directed at race, religion or children. Somehow society appears to tolerate such sentiment toward the over-60 generation. Terms such as “the olds”, “dithering old man” are put-downs. These expressions may not be intentional. However, they are ...Read More

Needing Courage

Dear “OH CAROL:” He is 10 yrs older than me, very abusive physically & mentally until about 8 yrs ago the physical abuse stopped. I have not had the courage to leave even though ive asked several times over the yesrs for a divorce. He plays me with his health and the age difference. Every one inc my children has wanted me to leave. I now have t...Read More

Elder Abuse – A Tough Issue

We “After Fiftiers” are in an interesting position. As Boomers age, the number of people aged 65+ continues to grow exponentially. The majority of those subjected to elder abuse are 65+ – so as we Boomers age, we’re more likely to become victims. At the same time, many Boomers find themselves in the position of caregiver to ...Read More

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