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Six-Pack Abs at 70! Thoughts on Holistic Health and Fitness for Us Boomers…

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Joe Thomas, Author,  Six Pack Abs at 70

Joe Thomas, Author, Six Pack Abs at 70

I began this wellness journey 40 years ago, in Toronto, when I quit smoking, stopped eating meat, and became a vegetarian. (I have been a vegan for the last two years.) I went back to school at age 62 to become a licensed massage therapist. I am a strong advocate of holistic fitness. For me, mind, body, and spirit must be equally nourished and exercised. I am avid reader and lifelong student of healthy living. I have had nine articles on health published in EzineArticles.

I have studied both Western and Eastern health philosophies and practices to find results-oriented ways to reduce waist size and gain better health. I am two-thirds finished writing my first book. My book does not offer any “lose inches in one week!” false promises. It gives sensible information and guidance drawn from well-respected sources and credible medical and nutrition experts.
I have challenged myself to have six-pack abs by my 70th birthday in December 2016!

Here is an excerpt:

In the weeks before my sixty-sixth birthday on December 27, 2012, I found myself almost constantly reflecting on the years ahead. I was at the point where I was facing the reality that I (most likely) have more years behind me that ahead of me. My focus now had to be on the quality of my life. Not the unknown quantity of the years I had left. Like many people at this age, I was thinking about what is my life’s purpose? One central thing brought everything into sharp focus for me.

That is the gratitude I felt for having such great health. I spent many years working towards attaining great financial wealth but with marginal success. But I made a fortune over the years in good health currency. As I reflected I realized that my life’s purpose is to share this knowledge and experience with as many people as possible.

Many books have been written by people who have had great success in the world of business and finance. Fewer books are written by people who have had great success in living very healthy lives. I believe that it is even more important to share the wisdom and experience of healthy living than to share knowledge for business and financial success.

Money is definitely important. But excellent health is priceless. Which would you have? Loads of money or priceless health? The good news is that you can have both. The danger here is that many of us make our selves physically, emotionally and spiritually,sick in the pursuit of money.

As we baby boomers grow older we would need less money to live if we are in good health. Too often, much of the money earned in our younger days, ends up being spent on medical bills that could have been avoided if we had taken better care of ourselves.

Books on healthy living are often written by people who have studied the science of healthy living.They write from research, clinical trials, surveys, and the latest discoveries.Not from actually living a lifestyle of optimum health.

Of course I do not know what the future holds for me health-wise. Good health is always a work in progress. But it has been an excellent journey so far. No major illnesses,no broken bones, no hospital stays, great energy and optimism almost every day. I am grateful for every day of this good health. We all know life is a combination of how we take care of ourselves and good fortune.

I cannot shed much light on how good fortune happens but I can certainly provide lots of information on how I intentionally took care of myself for the past 40 plus years.

I share in this book my personal journey of fitness and health and my hope is to encourage, and inspire everyone (especially men) regardless of age to work on, not only, reducing the size of their belly but to work on improving their mind, body, emotional and spiritual health.

Six pack abs is a real symbol of peak physical shape for men. I use it here as a metaphor for ultimate good health and wellness. The title was designed to attract the necessary attention from both men and women so that I could share a lifetime of experience and knowledge of a, previously, unpublicized focus on fitness and health.

This book is a guide back to the basics of wholesome living. Many of us baby boomers remember the home-made remedies and the home-cooked meals. The fresh fruits and exercise in fresh air.

We need much less of most material things as we get older. The best things in life for us baby boomers are for the most part still free.

To get the best from this book you do not have to buy expensive equipment or the latest food processing gadget. What it offers is practical valuable easy to follow, gut reducing, nutrition advice and exercises based on highly creditable research sources and my(optional) personal coaching.

The reasons for this epidemic of big bellies will be throughly explored and the best and most efficient ways to reduce your stomach will be revealed.

Although my personal goal is to have six-pack abs by my 70th. Birthday on December 27, 2016, this book is a lot more than male vanity of having six pack abs. I strongly believe that anyone, despite their age, can maintain a healthy lifestyle and actively enjoy life.

Attaining six pack abs is a significant physical achievement for many men. Those of us who were active in sports as young men had this physical attribute by default. If you were fit, your abs would most likely be well defined.

Very often as men grow older, six pack abs are covered over by layers of fat. And as many men (and women) will attest that cover is increasingly difficult to remove as we get older. For some of us it takes extreme effort. The good news is that we get life-saving benefits in return.

In the not too recent past, men would retire at the age of 65 and spend the next few years putting things in place in preparation for the final trip home. There was very little that was new or exciting to look forward to, except grandchildren. Things are much different now. The combination of medical technology and new health science is helping us all to live longer.

But living longer is not enough. We have to strive for quality as well as quantity. Taking good care of our self in our later years can help to ensure that we remain actively in the game, not enviously watching from the sidelines on. Or watching sports on Television.

This is not as daunting as it may seem. There are many small changes that we can make that will collectively make a big positive difference in our everyday life.
Holistic Health?

Over the years of my journey I have found myself gravitating to the Eastern view of Holistic health. That is: We are all a seamless connection of mind, body and spirit. Both disease and healing can originate from any one of these sources.

I am encouraged to see that many practitioners of Western medicine are beginning to add prescriptions of acupuncture, yoga, meditation and massage therapy, to treatments for their patients.

The Eastern view recognizes the mind as the source of the creation of what happens with your body. How and what you think is reflected in how you feel and look.

Using this guideline we first have to create a strong belief in our mind that we should focus on our fitness and health. This then has to be translated in to intense feelings of wanting to feel and look better and then ultimately to actions that will produce the results of great fitness and optimum health.

We also have to face the reality that very little can be achieved in any other area of our life if we do not have good health.

Holistic Health is harmony and balance within all aspects of self – body, mind, spirit and emotions. Each of us is born with a unique balance that makes us who we are and determines our strengths and weaknesses. A holistic approach brings an awareness and respect for the influence each aspect of a person’s life has on all others.
Editor’s Note:  After Fifty Living thanks Joe Thomas for sharing this article with us.  His inspirational words and actions are great motivation for us all!


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