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5 Signs Your Brain Is Aging Faster Than You Are

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5 Signs Your Brain Is Aging Faster Than You Are
5 Signs Your Brain Is Aging Faster Than You Are

Our brain operates as a complex bioelectrical system with about 85 billion neurons working around the clock. Brain aging may begin with interference in messaging between these systems by way of toxic exposures, glucose imbalances, and a toxic lifestyle altering the cells coding. Commonly, our body parts wear out at different rates. Often, the joints start to fail first. Sometimes it is the heart or the liver, or the kidneys—frequently it is the brain.

Brain aging is inevitable to some extent, but not uniform; it affects everyone, or every brain, differently. Seniors vary widely in mental age. Some brains act their age, others are older than their chronological age, and for some seniors, the brain remains young as the body grows old.

Common memory changes that are associated with normal aging include:

Difficulty With Attention. One of the earliest signs often found before the onset of diseases of memory is difficulty with attention later in life

Difficulty learning something new:Committing new information to memory can take longer.

Multitasking: Slowed processing can make processing and planning parallel tasks more difficult.

Recalling names and numbers: Strategic memory that helps memory of names and numbers begins to decline at age 20.

Remembering appointments: Without cues to recall the information, appointments can be put safely in storage and then not accessed unless the memory is jogged.

There are some things you can do to keep your brain as young as possible, including physical exercise and keeping mentally active, and there are many abuses that will cause premature brain aging, including alcoholism, poor cardiovascular health and exposure to toxins, stress, infection and injury. Aging, like most things in biology, is a mixture of one’s genes and one’s environment.

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