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Sharon Stone’s Entire Beauty Regime at Age 59

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Sharon Stone’s Entire Beauty Regime at Age 59

Some of us grow old gracefully, letting age take hold naturally, others beat it off with a stick going under the knife and sticking themselves with Botox needles. Sharon Stone takes a different approach – an intense beauty regime only a star like Stone could afford. But, it works! The 59 year-old bombshell recently dished to the New York Times about her favorite products and lifestyle.

Things to Take Away

Stone has established a routine to deal with her rather hectic life. Tricks of the trade seem to work well for Stone, but they’re not bad for us mere mortals to take in, too. For example, she has several “road bags” that she keeps stocked with beauty products ready to go for whenever she needs to travel. They include Chantecaille Gold Energizing Eye Recovery Mask, H. Gillerman essential oils to keep skin hydrated on the plane, a Tweezerman, and Colgate Wisp Toothbrushes to use after lunch when she’s on the job. Even Stone has her finger on good oral hygiene, which is directly related to good health.

Amazingly, Stone actually cuts her own hair. She was seeing a French stylist who told her to just cut it herself, and she does, and says doing so, she has all the layers she could ever need. There’s one way to save money, if you’re rather bold (and you have good friends who will tell you if you’ve done something terrible).

Skin Care

Perhaps the most in-depth part of her regime involves skin. This is wise since as we age, our skin looses elasticity and becomes dehydrated much easier than it did in our youth. Stone works with this knowledge, using different products for different locations, times of day, and activities. The day starts with a quick wash with water. When she bathes, she uses the Rituals Bath Foam line that she buys off Amazon, where she does all her shopping, which if you’re Sharon Stone makes sense. You could likely order a fair number of these products yourself, if you’re interested.

Typically Stone uses Shiseido body location after the shower. In dryer climates she uses Weleda Skin Food on her face and body. She also uses La Mer or Neutrogena with SPF 15 sunblock. Stone is adament about sunblock, most of her products have it because she has a convertible car and a pool, which means she needs to protect her skin all the time. Eucerin, which is available most everywhere, and Avon’s Rich Moisture Cream are also favorites.

Beauty Care

Some women wear foundation, and Stone’s one of them, though she changes them up according to her activities. Her day-to-day foundation is IT Cosmetics CC+Cream, which is tinted and has SPF. For appearances and film work, she uses Koh Gen Do Water foundation.

Sisley So Curly and IT Cosmetic’s Superhero are her favorite mascaras. Much of her make-up comes from Nars, like Radiant Cream Concealer and Orgasm Liquid Blush. Her go-to lip pencil is the Cruella Velvet Matte.

It goes on! Stone has a favorite duo lip balm plus lip powder from Chanel, Sarafine liquid Lipstick by Anastasia, and her friend Kevyn Aucoin’s Molten Liquid Lipstick that gives her lips a glossy, metallic shine.

Stone smells as fabulous as she looks, she uses Chanel No. 5 and Kai Dange-Rose by Blue Marine.  


But, despite this incredible stash of product, Stone says she believes beauty comes from the inside. She eats an impeccable diet clear of processed food, caffeine, alcohol, soda, and, because she has Celiac Disease, gluten. But, there’s no specific diet, however, she just has a lifestyle approach when it comes to food. She eats what she wants, including dark chocolate and meat.

Like any starlet, Stone exercises. She does Pilates on a reformer at home, or circuit training at the gym. She loves to dance! But really, she aims for a centered life. She believes true beauty comes from maintaining balance. For her, it’s her Buddhist practice, but she says it’s an individual preference. Everyone is different.  

So, to be gorgeous like Stone, all you need is a happy Buddha, and maybe a drawer full of beauty products, just in case.

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