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The “Senior Games” Is Yet Another Reason Age Is Just A Number

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The “Senior Games” Is Yet Another Reason Age Is Just A Number

Exercise is one thing you should never outgrow. These baby boomers are participating in the Senior Games and are proof that age is just a number. Equinox, documented the journeys of a few of the participants in this inspiring video.

“Aging is not the enemy. And while some write off aging as physical decline, depending on your mindset, the later years of life can actually be the most active.”

The Senior Games are a way the Baby Boomer community can stay physically engaged and compete in  golf, swimming, and track and field. The competition is first held state by state, with participants competing for spots in The National Senior Games, held this year in Birmingham from June 2 to 15.

“Folks have started to realize that living an active and healthy life makes them feel better in a variety of ways as they advance in age,” Stephen Rodriguez, senior vice president of the Florida Sports Foundation said.

While some participants are competing solo, others are taking the games on as a couple. Their exercise routines are small but effective. “The mailbox is about one hundred meters from the house so I don’t walk to the mailbox. I run. I just love to run,” says Norman Meeker, 88, who lives with his wife Misako, 89. “We have an elliptical and I’m using that as much as I can. We also go dancing once a week.”

Other competitors participate in teams at their local fitness centers or practice entirely on their own, staying diligent in anticipation of the upcoming competition.

“When I first saw the list of events [back in November 2002], I said to myself, ‘Oh my god, I’ve never done any of this!'” said JoAnn Sampson, age 76. “A voice said to me, ‘You can do this.’ So, I’ve learned to listen to the soft voice now that speaks to you because that voice normally be the right voice to listen to.”

Watch the video below:


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