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Which – Scamming or Flattering? How to Tell?

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Dear “Oh Carol:”
I was shopping at Costco and saw some snow boots I thought would be great for my son (he lives in Norway).  So, I’m inspecting them and up comes a guy, probably 10 years younger than me (I’m in my early 60’s) and he starts talking to me.  Great boots, great price, well made, and on and on.  I’m wondering what he’s doing or getting to.  I don’t want to be rude. So, I agree with him.  Then I pull out my cell and take a picture of the boots to send to my son. So he starts a new conversation about phones.  I just say “how interesting” and then I walk away.  I was unnerved. I have pretty good instincts and I felt I was being scouted for a scam.  I’m not either in the dating market or on the prowl. My wedding ring is obvious. Am I nuts? (my daughter says so)  Now that I’m getting older I just find this kind of thing to be more upsetting than flattering.  Thanks for letting me vent.
Was I Being “Scouted” for a Scam?


Isn’t that why we have daughters??? – to tell us we’re nuts – and to point out our flaws!!! lol
Based on the info you provided, yes, he could’ve been scouting you to scam you, but he also could be someone who is socially awkward and simply trying to make conversation. Did you notice if he approached others after you walked away? Is it possible that he talks to anyone who’ll listen?
“These boots are made for walking” and that’s just what you did!  Smart lady! Always better to be safe than sorry.
Stay smart – but allow yourself to also be flattered. He very well could have been flirting with you!

Yours 4 Love!

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