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Saving family memories

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We really love our home – it’s filled with memories in every room.  But we have so much "stuff" – and I’m thinking that we really need to unload some of it.  How do we do that without destroying 25 years of special memories?

Most of us are savers!  It is very easy to have a cluttered home when you are saving memories of your family and your life.  Keep in mind that the "physical" items are not the memories.  You will always have those memories!  There are many items you can pass on to your children and/or grandchildren.  They may have admired these items in your home and would love to have them as a keepsake if they are a memory you share together.  One of the things to keep in mind is this:  It is much easier to donate, give away, get rid of items before you have to.  –  Deborah Carducci 

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