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‘Roseanne’ and the persistent effect of Baby Boomers

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‘Roseanne’ and the persistent effect of Baby Boomers

As we search for common ground, it seems the glory days of our baby boomer culture is the greatest hits from television. Thanks to “Roseanne,” we may have something in common we can discuss without really discussing “politics.” The return of the popular “Roseanne” show had a vast audience in its returning debut, more than any other sitcom currently airing on network television.

During this troubled time in America, the show ratings of “Roseanne” were impressive. Will this television show have any political influence? Does “Roseanne” have an agenda, plot or dreams?

Even many who don’t claim President Trump as President of the United States find themselves at least secretly watching the show because of its popularity. An all American family, and with its outstanding ratings, “Roseanne” is culturally relevant in part because of its political views and by being a hard-working family doing their best.

The baby boomer generation maintains power and influence even as it continues to age. Even though the baby boomer generation has made its fair share of mistakes along the way, they were able to experience pure creativity. The baby boomers grew up with foundations rooted in convention, patriotism and typically some form of Christianity.

This generation was connected to their shared culture and revolution. Because of social changes and technology, the next generations are experiencing more division and isolation than the baby boomers. A community is necessary, and without it, purpose becomes lost. It seems that the baby boomer culture is something we are firmly holding onto especially during these times of turmoil because the baby boomers seemingly had stability.

This all American family can make you grateful for what you have and show you materialism is over-rated. It can be refreshing because so many people live a lifestyle which is more realistically compared to this struggling family than some other tv sitcoms where everyone involved is experiencing great privilege. Many people only know and interact with people that are just like them. This is where the power of “Roseanne” comes into play as she can enter a living room and show vulnerability, jokes, and dreams while influencing decisions and having a social impact.

It’s interesting that through “Roseanne”, people are inviting characters into their homes with different beliefs and who may have even voted differently than them. The things we avoid talking about except in a twit or post are now being discussed, and none of it is “PC.” Disagreeing and having uncomfortable conversations and not being surrounded by only people who agree with us gives us an opportunity to stretch and grow or stay firm in our beliefs. Will “Roseanne” help this nation heal?

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