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Sharing Smiles: True Stories from After Fifty Living

We all love a good story. Bet you’ve got one you’d love to share. A story rooted in reality and brimming with the authenticity of your life. After all – we’re After Fifty. And even though we’ve all had challenges, we’ve been blessed by the years with friendships, warm memories, love and laughter.

We’d be honored if you’d share with us all a bit of your life, and the lessons you've found from everyday living. Send it along….after all, this is OUR time to shine!

Los Angeles Chads

Los Angeles Chads

I love old stories! Here’s one that’s perfect for this time of year. It was 1972. I just moved to Los Angeles from New York. I was eager to vote in my new state…

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The blizzard of 69

The Blizzard of ‘69

In 1969 I joined the Army Reserve, attending weekly meetings, summer camp, and six months of active duty. We met in a dingy Manhattan room…

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The Falk's Tests

The Falk’s Test

It was February in New England, and the Blizzard of ’78 immobilized the entire region. Highways were shut, cars abandoned in helter-skelter fashion as the unsuspecting

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