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Relationship Secrets for Sexy Seniors

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We here at After Fifty Living are SOOOO excited.  AFLs Dr. Ely Lazar, joined by wife Dr. Adele Thomas, have just published “Relationship Secrets for Sexy Seniors.”  We all know how important relationships are – ALL kinds of relationships – not only in youth and middle age – but yes, especially as we enter into and explore our senior years.  The media is clueless.  TV ads, aimed at us but portrayed by “beautiful,” youthful actors miss their mark.  Big time!   (Too bad marketing execs haven’t figured that out yet!)

Ely and Adele are the real thing.  Sometimes even THEY have aches, pains, and yup, even more! And there’s something else they have.  They’re determined. They’re committed to really “living” life – a life that’s robust, healthy, and fulfilling.  And a rewarding relationship is essential to make it happen.

How about you?  Is your relationship all that it could be?

As Ely says:  Fulfilling relationships are sought out by all couples but often not attained. Sexuality is an important aspect of loving relationships even as we enter our later years. The idea that people can be over 50 and sexy is no longer regarded as disgraceful but is the new reality as couples live longer.

Whether you are in an established partnership, looking for a marital partner or just want a casual relationship, in this book, we show you the keys to finding your ideal partner and creating a fulfilling relationship.

In this book, we reveal what over 50’s need to know about sexy relationships.

The book has three parts:

In Part One: Pitfalls and Promises, we discuss the myths of marriage, the four stages of relationships and how to “sell” yourself to your partner once both of you understand each other’s values.

Part Two: Four Pillars of Healthy Relationships details the components that are necessary to build a healthy relationship. Just as architects design a dwelling, we need to design our relationships and the mortar that hold them together is the chemistry.

The last section is Part Three: Passion At Any Age, which is about how to spice up your passions and the impact that your health has on your sexuality. Also, there are suggestions as to how to enhance your sexuality along with detailing how to deal with common sexual concerns as we age.

The book has numerous vignettes; some tragic, others humorous and near the end one that describes what the ideal relationship looks like. The takeaway from the book is that we are living much longer, so we shouldn’t accept mediocre relationships. This book gives you some tools to create a wonderful and inspiring partnership.

“Relationship Secrets For Sexy Seniors” contains priceless gems of information that make the difference between a boring, mundane relationship and one that is passionate and exciting.

You can get a copy (either Kindle or paperback) through Amazon – either by CLICKING HERE or clicking on the book cover image, above on the right.

OR – you can order through Ely and Adele’s Bookstore, located on their PASSIONATE RETIREES’ website.


Editor’s Note:  Dr Adele Thomas, semi-retired medical doctor, and Dr Ely Lazar, retired chiropractor, are on a new mission as the Passionate Retirees. They are dedicated to inspiring the over 50s to live fulfilling and adventurous lives, so that “the twilight years will be the highlight years”. Their book, “Travel Secrets For Seniors” was released in early 2014. With more than 80 years combined of professional experience, their articles, books and workshops cover a range of topics from travel, health, relationships, sexuality and finances for seniors.

“Adele and Ely have always impressed me with their exceptional knowledge, professionalism and positive attitude. Mention their name and the one word that always comes up is respect.” – John Ross, Master Networker

Dr Adele Thomas, semi-retired medical doctor, and Dr Ely Lazar, a retired chiropractor, are the founders of Passionate Retirees. Their mission is to inspire the over 50s to live fulfilling lives with gusto, but most importantly to live their lives with Purpose. As the Passionate Retirees, Adele and Ely have more than 80 years of combined professional experience as health care professionals. This background and their life experience has made them well-versed in the areas of health, travel, relationships, sexuality and finances for the over 50s. They have published two books, Travel Secrets For Seniors and Relationship Secrets For Sexy Seniors, along with a free ebook, 7 Retirement Secrets Revealed. They are contributors to After Fifty Living and write articles and blogs on varied topics. In addition, the Passionate Retirees have been interviewed on radio and television, and they conduct workshops, most notably, 7 Secrets To A Purposeful Life. In October, 2016, they launch their new Podcast, Passionate Retirees: Life After 50. To contact Adele or Ely go to: or email them on You can also “like” them on Facebook.

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