Ever been a victim of an age-related insult?

Posted by Jo-Anne
Asked on 10/05/2016 4:49 pm
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I was getting ready to board an airplane yesterday. And then, right there, with lots of people milling about, “IT” happened. A much younger guy – dressed in a business suit – strolls in my direction, getting ready to cut-the-line. “Hey, YOUNG LADY, I’m just gonna step in here – I’m sure a YOUNG LADY like YOU won’t mind.” HUH? HUH? YOUNG LADY? What the….. I am not young – I am matured AND proud of it. And why would I NOT mind you cutting ahead of me???? OMG – and here’s the zinger – I admit that I was soooo blown away by the obvious age-discrimination that I was tongue-tied AND, let him get away with it, to boot!

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Posted by Jo-Anne
Answered on 10/05/2016 4:59 pm
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