Anyone do anything really nice, and unexpected, for you recently? How’d it make you feel?

Posted by Jo-Anne
Asked on 12/22/2016 4:17 am
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I ran into a fabric store yesterday. I had a splitting headache. But, I quickly grabbed the thread I needed and 4 zippers and a couple other small items. Then I went to the cashier line (only 1 person ahead of me but several started to “fill in” behind me. Suddenly, out of the blue, the woman behind me, nicely dressed, kinda grandmotherly, taps me on the shoulder and says, “I have a couple of extra coupons here (3, to be exact) that you can use right now when you pay. I don’t need them, why don’t you take them?” I was stunned. I was in a really foul mood with a really bad headache and here was this lovely person, reaching out with a lovely gesture. So I said, “You know, you just made my day! How nice, how thoughtful! Thank you, I’d love them! ” And then, as we were approaching the holidays, “I hope Santa brings you everything you want!” And then she says, “I already have everything I would ever need or want. I’m healthy and I have a loving family. What more would I ever need.” Suddenly I literally felt my headache “clear” and the foulness recede from my mood. What a lesson this woman imparted by this simply act of kindness. We’ve got to keep it all in perspective, don’t we?

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Posted by Jo-Anne
Answered on 12/22/2016 4:33 am
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