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Today I joined a group that dubs itself the Senior Silver Sneakers.� It’s an exercise group at my local gym.� I hate, HATE, HATTTTTE the “Senior” part of the name.� Go ahead – say that I’m in denial.� But the reality is that I do everything within my power to nurture every bit of independence that I possibly can. �And today I wasn’t alone.� People in today’s workout group were at varying levels of physical fitness – but none of us, in my mind, provoked anything at all resembling negative images of aging.� It was hard work – for a full hour, and each of us held our own.

�I noted three interesting things.� First, the amount of grey hair that I see at this gym increases every time I go.� That’s great news!� Second, I was surprised to realize that the proportion of After Fifty women in the gym was significantly greater than the number of 50+ men.� And third, a really good trainer is hard to find.� In my mind, a really good trainer is one who urges you on to reach beyond complacency and stretch (literally and figuratively) to reach new heights.� That wasn’t happening today – and it was a bit disappointing.� Anyway, in spite of that, the hour flew by, offering both physical and wonderful social stimulation.� ��

One woman confided in me that she hesitated to come.� She was afraid that everyone else would be trim and taut (and she’s not).� I think she felt quickly comforted in realizing that not a single one of us was perfect.� I hesitated to come, too.� Would I really have the time?� Would it be too hard (or too easy)????� I guess we all have our excuses when it comes to incorporating new habits into our lives.�� What excuses do you have for not exercising?

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