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We ran an article recently (Paula Deen’s Not To Blame for Your Waistline, Y’All) that really struck a chord. Seems like lots of us are simply fed-up with those who blame everyone and everything else for whatever negative thing is going on in life. And so, without trying to sound like a “scolding grandmother,” here’s my two cents (and five points) on the topic.

First, if you live long enough, something difficult, somewhere along the line, is bound to happen to you. We’re human, after all. Life isn’t always fun and roses. And that’s a “truth” you can bank on!

Second, to live reasonably during the “difficult” time, it’s important to understand the “why.” Frequently, that answer may be right in front of us, literally. Go look in a mirror. That reflection you see staring back at you? Yah, you! Honestly, now, what role did YOU play in bringing about this difficult situation?

Third, there are no “do-overs” in life. Whatever happened, happened. What was said can’t be taken back. So, after you figure out “why” it happened, get over it. And make sure you don’t repeat the same pattern again.

Fourth, WE (you, me, the guy next door), are the captains of our own ship. We get to chart the course of our lives. The sea of life may have been rocky for you up to this point, but you get to decide what direction you’re going to sail in – from this moment onward.

Fifth, Take responsibility for your own life. Stop waiting for others to do for you. Stop blaming others for your situation.

Who can forget the legal case in which a woman sued McDonald’s because McD’s didn’t “tell” her the coffee she ordered (and then put on her lap as she drove off) was hot. And I believe the fact that she won this case was a serious set-back for personal responsibility advocates everywhere. Yes, we have her to thank for the message on all our coffee cups (Caution – contents may be hot), but for heaven’s sake, what WAS she thinking??? So let’s not cop-out and blame all the McD’s in this world.

If you’re over-weight, Paula Deen isn’t force-feeding you. If you drink too much, or you need to stop smoking, or there are other things going on in your life that need to change, remember, that change begins with you. YOU.

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