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Over 50 Hairstyles

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Until recently, once a woman was over 50, hairstyles were very limited. It was expected that she no longer had any business looking attractive or interesting, let alone young, so she should adopt a standard hairstyle exactly like every other woman her age and maintain it “ whether it flattered her or not. A few influential women in society were able to flaunt this notion, but the majority of women felt they had no choice but to along with the societal norm.

Modern Over-50 Hairstyles

Fortunately, things have changed for the better, predominantly thanks to the attitudes of Baby Boomers. Women over 50 now see that they can choose hairstyles that please and flatter them and therefore opt for what makes them happy. Even elderly women are choosing hairstyles that once would have been considered shocking. There are still trends, but there are no longer rules, which is to everyone’s benefit.

When a woman is over 50, hairstyles can still be radical, but there are certain things to watch out for. The one risk you don’t want to take is on a style that may not suit your face. This is where a good stylist is indispensable. A stylist should have a sense of what cut will emphasize your best features and perhaps mask or at least mitigate any trouble spots.

Funky short hair is very trendy among women over 50. The spiky cut favored by stylish actresses like Jamie Lee Curtis can be very flattering on a wide range of facial types. The added bonus is that this is a cut that requires very little in the way of daily maintenance and style, which most women just don’t have time for.

Long Hair

Not too long ago, over 50s hairstyles for women were short, but nothing like a fringed or layered cut. Long hair was strictly for young women, or perhaps hippies. Now, however, with better stylists and vastly superior hair care products available that keep long tresses smooth and manageable, women are finding they can wear their hair long for as long as they like. Beauties such as Bernadette Peters, who sports her trademark red, pre-Raphaelite curls, and Jane Seymour, whose long hair is rich and shiny, still turn heads. While they are probably having to go to a good colorist as well as a stylist, their hair looks natural and healthy and flatters their delicate features.

A woman doesn’t have to color her hair if she wants to wear it long. It’s now possible to maintain beautiful silver hair and it should certainly be shown off. One of the most flattering looks for true silver hair is a 1940s shoulder-length with soft curls. Many women with hair down to their waist twist or braid it and wind it around their heads, creating a stunning look.

Short and Sassy

Many women still favor the classic bob if they choose to go short. The only drawback with this flattering style is that it can take more maintenance than might be expected. Unless your hair is fine and naturally straight, if you want a sleek look, you’ll have to use a flat iron or blow dryer.

If your hair is wavy and you want to wear it short, go for the trendy messy look favored by actress Cloris Leachman. The cut is two-to-three inches in length all around the head, with some texturizing to add detail and remove heaviness. A soft, fringed look is very flattering to older features. Your stylist will be able to determine exactly what works for you and show you a variety of styles for day and evening looks. They will all be quick and easy to achieve, with minimum product.

If there is indeed one rule, it’s that you shouldn’t stick to the same old thing “ unless you absolutely love it. Be bold and have fun with your look. It’s hair “ it will always grow out again.  

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