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What NOT to Eat on a First Date

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What NOT to Eat on a First Date

♫ Food glorious food. Hot sausage and mustard ♫

I have an expression, “definitely NOT first date food,” that I’ve said often.  Nothing kills romance like the proverbial spinach on one’s teeth. So, grab a messy snack, sit back, and enjoy this read!

  • Coffee! Yep you read that right. No COFFEE DATES! First, it says that the other person isn’t willing to invest much time getting to know you. I mean how long does it take to drink a cup of coffee? Another reason: LIGHTING! Let’s face it (pardon the pun) but at our age do we really want our first meeting to be under fluorescent lights? Do we want to see our date’s flaws yet? Last and most important: COFFEE BREATH! BLEAGH!


  • Pizza! I know, it seems so harmless but have you ever taken a bite of a slice and have the cheese stretch and then slap you on your chin? In addition, think about the face one makes as they are going in for that first bite! Does shark come to mind?


  • Spaghetti! Imagine sitting across from your date as they slurp in a mouthful of spaghetti. They have 2 choices: Keep slurping as you watch the sauce slap their chin and possibly their shirt or chomp off the ends and watch as the food falls from their fork onto their plate. Neither conjure up romance like Lady & The Tramp. AVOID!


  • Corn on the cob! Not only do we look ridiculous while zipping down a row of corn but how about those teeth after? We all worry about having food in our teeth. This will guarantee it. Not to mention the butter schmeared on your lips, chin, and cheeks or worse … corn particles in your mustache and/or beard!


  • Ribs or Wings! Similar to corn, these are hand-held “devices” and I can’t think of anything less sexy (on a first date) than eating with our hands. It’s messy and looks awful. Quite often ribs are charbroiled and will leave black schmutz in your teeth. Imagine your date coming in for a kiss!


  • Lobster and crab! Yes I know, it’s lovely to go out for lobster dinner. Women are impressed but not if you squirt lobster on her blouse! The mess, the grease, the shell cracking, the bib! It all spells disaster! For the sake of a potential 2nd date, DO NOT EAT THIS!

What are some of your first date food no-no’s? I’d love to hear them! One more suggestion, no onions!

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