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No One Is Looking?

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You’ve probably noticed that we have a lot of articles on After Fifty Living that address the topic of healthy living. Our topics include heart health, disease control, addiction, among others, and oh yes, obesity. So I, more than most people, should be “walking the walk” – in addition to my constantly talking the talk. But now the moment of truth has arrived.

The New Year started and, like millions of others, I made a resolution: I would lose the 10 pounds I had gained since October (do you believe that – since October and that was January 1st???), plus 5 more, to boot! But like legions of others, it is now the end of February and I have not been successful in achieving my resolution – or in even making a dent in it. Well, it’s no wonder – it takes effort to be successful – not just wishful thinking.

But over this last week I’ve had an epiphany – an awakening. An automobile company was announcing in a recent ad that they built special features into their recent models – even though no one told them they had to. And then I thought of a saying I heard once (sorry, I don’t know who said it) – but it goes something like this: you can measure a man by what he does when he thinks no one is looking. That night, when I went downstairs to let in the cat, I thought to myself, “Well, I’ll just spend a little time while I’m here in the kitchen with my old friend, Mr. Chocolate Ice Cream – and who’ll be the wiser?” And then it hit me – like a thunderbolt. Who am I kidding?

So, last Wednesday marked the beginning of Lent – and even though I’m not particularly religious, I decided that would mark my start. I’m accountable to no one but me – and while a weight loss would be great, doing the “right” thing, (in this case, saying “good-bye” to the likes of �Mr. Chocolate Ice Cream) is a�personal goal.

So, I’m welcoming a lot of new friends into my life, interesting fruits and vegetables, and more. And it no longer matters whether someone is “looking.” I know I’ll do the right thing. I’m looking at myself – and I like what I see. And as a bonus, over these last four days, I’ve lost 2 pounds. Not a whole bunch – but it’s a great start. So I’ll close with another saying: to walk a million miles, you have to take the first couple of steps.

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