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No Crawling Back Allowed

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It is a new day and I wake and listen to the morning news with another brutal weather forecast ahead.  I look at my husband and ask, how can we have a positive day when the first words we hear are gloomy?  I do not know about you but I want to crawl back into bed!

I am a believer thoughts for which we begin our day is the marker of how the day will turn out.  I personally do not do well when I hear words such as deadly, dangerous and one of the coldest days on record.  If someone kindly cautions me to be careful walking on the ice I immediately tense up so badly that there is a good chance I will break my neck the second I leave the door.

I understand we need to be informed and prepared in the event a storm comes our way.  I also know there are storms for which we cannot prepare.

Last weekend which was reported to be the coldest of the year my 9 year old Shih-Tzu slipped on the ice and tore her ACL.  Our little Princess had this surgery two years ago on her right leg and we were aware of the likelihood the left would need it too.  To avoid having her go through both the pain of surgery and the long rehabilitation time we carried her up and down the stairs for 753 days but sadly we could not prevent the storm.

I read that fear is an illusion; well it felt pretty real on Thursday while waiting for the vet to call to tell us our precious dog who was a high risk due to liver disease woke from anesthesia.

I made a vow the beginning of the year to keep a positive and healthy attitude.  My goal was to not let the harsh winds life brings us knock me down.

I am a worrier so it is difficult for me to keep this resolution.  I am not the person you want to call in an emergency at all!!!  As I type this post I am in panic mode as our dog lies moaning and panting and is not eating.  Thoughts of her having a massive heart attack are swirling through my head as my calm husband assures me it is side effects of the morphine patch.

I hate when I allow my anxiety to win!!

Suffering from anxiety is the hardest challenge in my life to overcome.  I have made tremendous steps forward but the smallest thing can flare it up.  Changing my diet as well as working out, yoga, mindfulness and finding my faith has helped but I still have steps to take.  I find calm words verses brutal ones, good news, happy faces and thumbs up much easier ingredients to begin my day.

Sadly I cannot change the attention grabbing headlines but I can remember to breathe and not crawl backwards.  Had I let the anxiety storm break me in the past I would not have learned the warm feeling of love from community and friends.

Sadly anxiety is my storm but I do not have time to waste allowing it to stop me.  I can crawl into a corner and go back to making excuses or I can stand strong and know this frigid day will pass and the sun will return.

Maybe if we all bond together there will be a day the forecast will be it will be quite cold and windy today but if you bundle up you will be OK.  Be kind to each other out there today; check on your family and friends.  Despite mother nature this will be a wonderful day.

As far as my dog I know my husband is correct as he is calming down both she and I.  I whispered in her ear as I hug her to keep fighting and do not let that bad liver win and I will help you slowly move forward and we will make that leg stronger. No crawling backwards allowed little one!!!

I sit and hear the howling wind and the ice hitting my window but it is time to turn off the morning news and begin this wonderful day.  As I hit publish post I smile and feel confident to say No Crawling Back Allowed, No Crawling Back!!!
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