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Music Streaming: A Boomer-Friendly Technology

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Music Streaming: A Boomer-Friendly Technology

By the time the 1960s arrived, music was embedded in many different facets of our culture. In politics and fashion, music was prevalent. In 2016, almost every aspect of how we receive music has changed. The music industry changes with the time and due to technological advances, consumers of music need to adapt to the new capabilities of the user experience.

Streaming services like Spotify and Pandora provide boomers with the answer to the questions they’ve been asking for years. “What music should I be listening to”. With the “sounds like” technology of these services, adding your favorite artist can provide you with an unlimited number of other music you may not have found otherwise.

The baby boomer generation was shaped by music. While most of the artists of the 60s & 70s are no longer producing new music, these musicians have inspired many new artists with current hits available. Platforms like Spotify are music-streaming services that tells you what other people you know are listening to via Facebook and other social sites. Using Spotify’s apps, it’s easy to find a genre you like and then click on pictures or albums to hear it.

Feeling musically “out of it” is a common complaint among baby boomers who grew up with the Top 20 countdown format of AM radio stations in the 1960s, switched over to the more “mature” FM stations in the early 1970s and then became lost in the musical wilderness sometime between disco, new wave, rap and hip-hop.

Streaming music services allow listeners to create their own radio station by programming the artists and musical genres they enjoy, giving boomers the ability to find new music while still being able to hear the music they love.

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