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Menopause: How and When It Can Impact Sex Drive

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Menopause: How and When It Can Impact Sex Drive

Menopause: How and When It Can Impact Sex Drive

AFL’s Dr Mache Seibel

It’s not surprising that both menopause and age can cause changes in sex drive. Have you noticed a change in yours? Worry and confusion about how menopause might impact sex is a pretty common concern for women, especially in midlife.

A groundbreaking study in the April 2017, journal Menopause sheds some light on this important issue.

Nearly 1400 women ages 42 to 52 were followed over 14 years and asked about any changes in their sex drive. These women had their uterus intact and at least one ovary, and were not taking hormones.

In general, things stayed pretty constant for these women until about 20 months before their final menstrual period. That’s when they reported their sexual drive began to decline. And the decline continued each year over the following five years.

An additional group of women who had a hysterectomy (the uterus removed) began to notice changes immediately after their hysterectomy, whether or not their ovaries were removed.

The study revealed different responses according to different populations. Overall, black women noticed the least change, white women noted slightly more and Japanese women reported the greatest decline in sexual function.

This study suggests that when you notice a change in your sexual drive, it might be a clue you are within 20 months of your final menstrual period. And if you are noticing a change is sexual function, it’s important to discuss it with your healthcare provider. Treatments can be offered and other causes can also be investigated.

“It’s better to stay well than to get well!”  Mache Seibel, MD.

Dr. Machelle (Mache) Seibel is America’s health expert, addressing the critical needs of consumers from stress and weight control to menopause and beyond. He served on the Harvard Medical School faculty for almost 20 years and is a pioneer in many areas of women’s health and more. He works with companies and organizations to bring exciting educational content to consumers. His professional experiences include:

– Host for PBS and NBC TV episodes, frequent media expert;

– Repeatedly voted into Best Doctors in America;

– Past Editor-in-Chief of the medical journal Sexuality, Reproduction & Menopause;

– Distinguished Alumnus Award, the University of Texas Medical Branch’s highest honor 2008;

– Multiple national awards for research, writing, music writing and patient education;

– Professor, University of Massachusetts Medical School 2004-present;

– Director, Complicated Menopause Program, University of Massachusetts Medical School 2004-2011;

– Founder of HealthRock®, reshaping health education with health songs and entertainment;

– Past Medical Director, Inverness Medical Innovations (now Alere);

– Corporate Consultant and Corporate Health Expert Nationally and Internationally;

– Author/editor 14 books, over 200 scientific articles;

– American Cancer Society New England Division Medical Advisory Network;

– Advisory board of Dr. Mehmet Oz’s HealthCorps initiative to fight childhood obesity; and

– Nationally known guest speaker, key note speaker.

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