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If you’re After Fifty, then you have already, or are about to experience one of the realities of our generation: memory slips. If you’re brave enough to raise the issue with some well-intentioned people, they’ll pat you on the back and mutter something like, “Oh, you’re just too busy. That’s why you can’t remember where you parked the car;” or maybe even something like, “Well, you’re entering into mid-life (or menopause or whatever)… and we know that memory slips sometime happen.” But bottom line, when it really does happen to you, more than once, a certain panic can set in. Is “old age” really knocking at my door? Is this what I’m headed for…confusion forevermore??? For the majority of us, thankfully, memory slips are a natural part of aging and not necessarily a harbinger of bad news. So, sit back and watch this video: Memory – A Spoof by Pam Peterson. It should bring a real smile to your face, as maybe, just maybe, you might even recognize yourself!

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