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Mellowing AND Sharpening – As We Age

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Mellowing AND Sharpening – As We Age

Jo-Anne, AFL’s Founder

Is it just me? Am I the only one who’s finding that with every passing day, month, year, a lot of things that would have “raised my dander” a while back simply aren’t doing so anymore. And when I examined this more closely, I realized that these issues, almost every one of them, are truly inconsequential matters. Who cares if “the spouse” is wearing two different socks – at least he remembered to cover his feet!

At the same time, though, I find myself attending to and focusing on issues of significantly greater importance – a lot. Why are these potential national “leaders” blasting each other with such denigrating ads? Why has it taken so long to understand that our educational system is completely broken – AND we’ve lost an entire generation to potential incompetence? Why are we spending so little on research to combat dementia when tens of millions of us are marching straight forward in that direction? And the list goes on.

So, dander is still getting raised. But I think that as I’ve aged, I’ve truly become a lot wiser. I bet the same thing is true for you, too! We have limited time and energy, especially at this point in our lives. And as each day passes, it becomes increasingly clearer to me why there are some societies who truly revere their aged for this kind of wisdom! And you?  What do you think?

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