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Me and My Honda

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The article could have been written about me: Average Car Age at Record 10.8 Years. And, the article says that because of the economy, we’re hanging onto our cars for a longer period. I personally drive a 2001 Honda CRV and the odometer is quickly approaching 230,000 miles. Every now and then, people who don’t understand my love affair with this car will suggest that I seriously consider turning it in for a new one. Hmmmm. Now, why would I do that? Never once has this car broken down, or needed a major repair, or caused my bankbook to hemorrhage, or, most offensive of all, been unreliable. Through thick and thin, snow in Vermont, black ice in Pennsylvania mountains, backed up traffic heading into NYC, never once has this car failed me. And, in kind, I like to think that never once have I failed it. The oil and filters and belts get changed on schedule, I drive it with a steady, even foot, taking corners carefully, never revving the engine to try and beat a red light. So, bottom line, we’ve been good to each other in so many ways.

And another article, seemingly unrelated, says that for the first time in generations, longevity (yours and mine) may decline. We’re heavier than ever, we just don’t exercise, and some of our habits are not only vile, but life-threatening, too.

And I think these two articles are related. Cars and people have a lot in common. We both have limited life-spans. We both could probably extend those life spans if what needs to be taken care of is done on schedule.

We’re After Fifty (for the most part). The clock is ticking. And I have a simple goal. I want to dance at my grandchildren’s weddings. Since the grandkids are very young, I may not be able to drive to their weddings in my 2001 CRV, but regardless of how I get there, I plan to celebrate in style. And so I will do the human equivalent of getting my oil and filter changed – I’ll watch my diet more rigorously and exercise more faithfully. It’s working for the CRV, it just might work for me, too!

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