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Making the Most of Your Home Health Care Supplies

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We are constantly reminding caregivers that they must take care of themselves; the easiest way to take care of oneself is by exercising regularly. Are you a caregiver on a budget both with time and money, but still want to find ways to exercise? We have a solution. Many home healthcare supplies can double as fitness and exercise equipment!

  1. Shoulder pulleys and strengthening bands – many individuals use these during physical therapy, for either a chronic condition or surgery recovery. While they are great for therapy techniques, they also work well for strength resistance training!
  2. Exercise balls – these are perfect additions to any fitness regimen! Even if you use the exercise ball as a chair replacement, you’re doing wonders for your core!
  3. Pedal Exerciser – its compact nature and lightweight make it easy to move around and can be used for both your legs and arms!
  4. Balance stones – use for reinforcing balance and coordination. This therapy tool can easily transition to fitness equipment.
  5. Foam rollers – while the full foam rollers are used for massage and alignment, they can easily be used for developing core stability, dynamic balance, and proprioception.
  6. Step stool – yes, you can even use your step stool for exercise! We all know that the step stool reduces the fatigue and leg strain caused by standing on ordinary step stools, but what some caregivers don’t know is that you can use it as a replacement for a plyobox. Are you familiar with the benefits of plyo jumps?

Caregivers are constantly thinking outside the box on how to give their loved one the best care possible. Now, Caregivers can use that same thought process when taking care of their own health needs! Make the most of your home healthcare supplies and try them with your fitness needs in mind!
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