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Make This Holiday Season The Greatest One Yet

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Make This Holiday Season The Greatest One Yet
Holiday Season’s can be a time of joy and laughter, or it can be a time of chaos and stress. We’re here to share with you some tips on staying happy, healthy and fulfilled this year, no matter what holiday you celebrate.
A Little Goes A Long Way

Savor What You Enjoy

Select seasonal favorite foods that will provide you the most satisfaction to get the biggest enjoyment for the calories. Decide how much you can enjoy without feeling guilty for overdoing it. If you enjoy appetizers or desserts select a few of your favorites to enjoy. Avoid mindless munching and savor your favorites.

Perfection Isn’t Everything

The holidays don’t have to be perfect or just like last year, or just like your cousin Debbie’s was the year before that. As families change and grow, traditions and rituals often change too. Choose a few to hold on to, and try creating new ones. Focus on being together, being happy and leave “perfection” at the door.

Seek out positive memories

Slow Down

Make some time for yourself. Spending just 15 minutes alone, without distractions, has the ability to relax you enough to handle everything you need to do. Find something that reduces stress by clearing your mind, slowing your breathing and restoring inner calm.

Don’t criticize

Appreciate The Little Things

Focus on the memories you’re making with your loved ones, your favorite dessert, that amazing year end clearance rack at Nordstrom or your day off. Feeling gratitude for what you have, is far less stressful than focusing on what you don’t have.

Say NO

Making appearances at every party, baking for the neighborhood sing-a-long or babysitting your grandkids when it’s inconvenient is not something you HAVE to take on. Saying no is perfectly acceptable so that you can make room for the things you want to do with your holiday schedule.

Don’t Burn Your Savings

Seriously, do not do this. So much of our holiday stress is money-related. In fact, worrying about money is the No. 1 source of stress and loss of sleep. The lack of sleep combined with stress makes for a messy, unhappy holiday season. So be kind to yourself, set some boundaries around holiday gift-giving – and stick to them. Some of the most treasured gifts are inexpensive.

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