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LOVE ‘N LIFE: Befuddled by Friend’s Wife

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My husband’s friend, Joe, came to visit and then got sick. Matt (my husband) took him to see his doctor who said Joe needed some exploratory work done immediately.  Joe (who lives in Florida) agreed to have it done here in NJ. He called his wife in Florida to update her and asked her to come. She said she couldn’t because her nephew was coming to visit her.  So Joe had the procedure done without his wife “ and he’s going to be fine (physically) but he’s shaken “ as are we, that she didn’t come to support him. She doesn’t work and could have rescheduled her nephew.  What do you think of this?
Befuddled by Friend’s Wife


Dear ˜Befuddled:’

I think this is Joe’s problem. I don’t know her, do you? I am guessing if you were friends with her, you’d know the answer yourself. Maybe she’s selfish. Maybe she’s afraid of flying. Maybe she doesn’t give a darn about Joe anymore. Maybe there’s stuff going on that Joe isn’t sharing. Maybe it’s none of your business. Maybe Joe isn’t who you think he is. Maybe she’d been trying to get him to a doctor for months, years. "Doctor, my eyes have seen the years." Are they married long or is this a relatively new relationship? There are way too many variables. I think the bottom line is my first line, this is Joe’s problem.

Yours 4 love,
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