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I Want My Country Back!

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I Want My Country Back!

I love my country.
I was born here, grew up here, and will die here. I’ve traveled the world – pole to pole, six continents, and saw endless natural wonders. Yet no place is as beautiful or richly diverse as home.

Why would anyone want to change that?

The man in the White House attacks everything I love about America. He abuses our land – wrenches coal from decapitated mountaintops. Lush green forests are razed for lumber and pastureland. He assaults precious endangered species, public lands, and clean air by rolling back critical environmental protections and ignoring the consequences.

The President denies the sanctity of our land.

When he calls climate change a hoax, advocates drilling, mining, and fossil fuels in places preserved for nature (and our grandchildren), he puts all of us at risk. Mr. Trump turns against our closest allies, kills friends like the Kurds, and worships at the feet of our greatest enemy, Vladimir Putin.

“Why,” Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi accused Trump, “do all [your] roads lead to Putin”?

Nostradamus, the infamous 16th century seer predicted that there would be a third Antichrist (after Napoleon and Hitler) wearing a turban.

Is frozen orange hair a turban?

Our “stable genius” has fired or accepted resignations from hundreds of good people; the list reads like a who’s who of patriots. He’s surrounded himself with “acting” advisors – people who don’t have to be confirmed by Congress. They tell him what he wants (not needs) to hear.

They attack the soul of America.

Chuck Norris observed that “you can always tell a person’s real character and personhood by those who closely surround him.”

Trump is the self-anointed Emperor of our democracy. Former Secretary of Energy Rick Perry, told the president that he was God’s “chosen one to lead the United States, just as [God] chose the kings to lead Israel in the Old Testament.”

That puts Trump way above all of Us and The Rule of Law.

Is that what we want for our children and grandchildren? A man who calls truth the enemy of the people; who cages immigrants, scientists, media, and people like you and me? A leader who protects life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness only if you’re white, male, and wear a MAGA hat.

Why should he care about struggling families, farmers, women, workers, and people of color? Why does he give tax cuts to the wealthy who don’t need it and steal from the people who do?

The answers are simple.

Money before people. Profit before planet. Ego before empathy.

I want my country back Mr. Trump.

I want to look at blue skies and towering mountains, knowing my grandkids will see the same view long after I’m gone. I want to wander in lush green forests, be awed by the giant Redwoods, and swim in fresh, plastic-free oceans. I want to be free from the fury of malignant narcissism and live as our forefathers and constitution intended.
What about you?

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