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Hoorah!!! Our first grandchild, Daisy, is here!

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I am so, so pleased to share that we are now first-time grandparents! Did I say, “pleased?” Hmmmmm…. it’s actually more like ecstatic, elated, overjoyed – or, better yet – there are no words to adequately describe the feeling. Daisy, our little blessed one, is simply gorgeous, and happily, she, her mom and her dad are all doing well! What more could you ask for!

I am not going to get philosophical about the state of the world that Daisy has entered – we’ll save all those musings for some other time. Right now is the time to bask in the reflected love of her young parents, who, through their support and caring for one another, have chosen bravely to extend themselves and their lives for this little child. And so, we, her grandparents, are eagerly looking forward to fulfilling our responsibilities and assuming whatever role in her life makes most sense for us all.

Since this is unchartered territory, I turned for guidance to my old friend, “Google,” just to see what words of advice would come to the forefront in an organic search. No surprises here. There are simply loads of places to go, sites to explore, and ways to spend your time and your money.
– There are tips and guides and helpful hints;
– There are poems�to help us put into writing what we feel in our hearts;
– There are discussions to be entered into;
– There are readings to enlighten us all;
– And, there are even gift suggestions – for US, no less!

And while all of this is indeed helpful – and eye-opening, none of it can even begin to compare to the sheer, simple joy of Daisy’s gaze while she snuggles in your arms. We are so-o-o blessed!

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